April 25, 2024

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Corinthians official admits 'waiting' Diego Costa and excludes Arthur Cabral

Corinthians official admits ‘waiting’ Diego Costa and excludes Arthur Cabral

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Corinthians board members spoke again about the team’s new striker. In an interview with Arena SBTAlessandro Nunes and Roberto de Andrade gave further details of the negotiations with names such as Diego Costa and Arthur Cabral.

The player who appears closest to Parque São Jorge at the moment is the Brazilian Spaniard, as it is free on the market. According to Roberto de Andrade, the club’s director of football, Timao is “waiting” for Diego Costa.

“We haven’t spoken to Diego, he quit yesterday, according to what I read in the press. We’re quiet in our corner. If a businessman wants to talk, let’s talk, but we won’t look for anyone. What is important is the athlete’s desire to play for the club. “Do you want to play for Corinthians?” If the answer is yes, then let’s talk,” summed up the director.

“So far, we have not spoken to him. Anything can happen, we are waiting for him to express himself … If he wants to stay in Brazil, if he wants to go to Europe, there are details. We are waiting for the businessman to call. We are waiting “.

Finally, the name of Arthur Cabral, who is in Basel, Switzerland, is also discussed in the programme. However, Roberto de Andrade denied any kind of talk and made it clear that it would be a very big investment for the club at the moment.

The captain concluded, “No, it’s a form of buying that we have to get from player rights and it’s a high value that doesn’t fit in our pockets. That’s why we didn’t pursue it.”

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