June 23, 2024

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Corinthians practically confirms the reserve team against Novorizontino;  see the team

Corinthians practically confirms the reserve team against Novorizontino; see the team

Corinthians are officially scheduled to participate in the final round of the group stage in Paulistao 2022. The team will visit Novorzontino, soon, at 4 pm, at the Jorge Ismail de Biasi stadium – Click here to continue.

In the last match of this stage, coach Vitor Pereira will be absent from right-back Wagner, who got the third card in the derby. In addition, the coach took the opportunity to conduct some tests in the team. In this way the Corinthians go into the field with: Cassius. Joao Pedro, Robson, Raul Gustavo and Fabio Santos; Cantello, Rooney, Giuliano, Gustavo Silva, Edson, Gustavo Mantuan.

My dream

On the bench, Vitor Pereira has the following names: Ivan, Gil, Lucas Bitton, Renato Augusto, Roger Geddes, Willian, Paulinho, Reginaldo, Robert Renan, Joao Victor, de Queiroz and Xavier.

Still looking for his first win in the competition, Novorzontino started the team with: Giovanni, Lucas Mendes, Guilherme Matos, Walber, Barba, Riverson, Cleo Silva, Leo Baiano, Douglas Baggio, Danielzinho and Romulo.

Corinthians secured their presence in the quarter-finals of Paulistao after defeating Red Bull Bragantino in the ninth round and relying on a set of results that will be isolated in the leadership of Group A.

In the next stage, the team faces Alvinegra Guarani. FA Paulista has already released the match details. The duel takes place on Thursdays, at 7 p.m., at the Neo QuĂ­mica Arena.

Sunday’s match, against Nofrisentino, will have three serving options: Premiere, TV Recording and Paulistau Play. In addition, the My dream He narrates the match and updates the movement of the game with a movement in the At present.

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