May 18, 2024

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Vasco suspends negotiations, and 777 will participate in the search for reinforcements |  Vasco

Vasco suspends negotiations, and 777 will participate in the search for reinforcements | Vasco

Scouring the market in search of reinforcements for the second division of the Brazilian championship Vasco Suspension of ongoing negotiations. The decision was made jointly with Josh Wonder, who wants to be involved in the club’s signing process.

In Rio de Janeiro since last Thursday in negotiations to buy SAF from Vasco777 Partners, lead investor has been informed by the managers about the need to strengthen the team for this season’s main competition. Josh then requested that the negotiations be frozen while his team draws up names to present to the club. The businessman intends to return to Brazil in the coming weeks to proceed with the process of acquiring Vasco football.

Josh Wonder, from 777, visiting Vasco – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

to me General Electricat last friday interviewJosh has stated that he will use 777 Tools to help Vasco Find quality players in the market.

– As we talk, our team and Vasco Work to identify talent that can help right away. From the characteristics of the 777 share, not only in Vasco But in other clubs around the world, we have a series of resources that allow us to identify the best talent, and therefore, we have the possibility to make announcements in the near future – said Josh.

Even without foreign investment, the club has difficulties in recruiting players, so it switched to 777. The first reinforcement of the second division, however, has already been hired: a Vasco Hit with striker Lucas Oliveira from Bangobefore the Americans came to Rio. The way out was to look to the country for budget-friendly athletes.but from now on, the names on the table in the soccer department will also get Josh and his team to rate.

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Watch the interview with Josh Wander, owner of 777 Partners, visiting Vasco’s headquarters

777 has already provided a loan of R$70 million to VascoWhich was used to update the salaries of players and staff and pay off debts of other clubs. The company remains committed to injecting 120 million Rls shortly after the acquisition of SAF. With this, in 2022, the projected total for Vasco Football is R$190 million.

agreement between Vasco The 777 should be completed in the first half of the year. While he has access to club information, Josh is waiting for internal bodies to approve the agenda. The first step will be next week: On Thursday, at 19:00, at the headquarters of Nautica da Lagoa, the Board of Deliberations held a meeting to vote on the inclusion of SAF in the club’s articles of association.. This will be the first of four votes scheduled until the sale of 70% of SAF to the US company.

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