June 20, 2024

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Corinthians visits Internacional for a spot at the table of Brazilian nationals;  know everything

Corinthians visits Internacional for a spot at the table of Brazilian nationals; know everything

On Sunday afternoon, Corinth returns to the field. At 4 pm, the Sylvinho Internacional team will face, in Beira Rio, in Porto Alegre, for the 28th round of the Brazilian Championship.

The match is very important for both teams, as both are vying for a live spot in the Copa Libertadores. So far, Internacional is superior to Corinthians due to the goal difference. The situation only changes if Timão wins Sunday’s game.

In sixth place, Rio Grande do Sul has 40 points and has a positive balance of seven goals. On the other hand, Corinthians occupies seventh place, with the same number of points, but has only four goals in balance, and is thus behind Internacional in the Brazilian leaderboard.

So you, fan, know all about the match My Timon The details of the confrontation are below. paying off!

Lined up

For the match against Internacional, Sylvinho has some absence. Joao Victor has been suspended for a third yellow card, while Rooney, Rowan Oliveira and Willian continue to recover from injuries. See all about it here.

According to Flavio Ortega, journalist for sports channels in Disney, a possible Corinthian title holder has: Cassius. Wagner, Gill, Raul Gustavo and Fabio Santos; Cantello, Gabriel Pereira, Giuliano, Renato Augusto, and Mosquito; Roger Geddes.

My Timon


The referee who will whistle the duel is Bruno Arleu de Araujo. He will be assisted by Rodrigo Figueiredo, Henrique Correa and Daniel do Espirito Santo Barro at the signs. The VAR is under the command of Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga.


Corinthians fans will have three options to watch the important duel. On the open TV screen, Globe The game is broadcast. on the closed TV, Sport TV NS the first show The game will pass.

  • It is also possible to follow the game in real time from My Timon. Here the movement starts an hour before the ball rolls, at 3pm, and the fan is on top of all the moves, as well as being able to interact with other netizens.
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