May 25, 2024

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Analysis: Rogerio Ceni joins Sao Paulo with reliable performance against Mirasol |  Sao Paulo

Analysis: Rogerio Ceni joins Sao Paulo with reliable performance against Mirasol | Sao Paulo

Rogério Ceni used Sunday to promote exams and rotate Sao Paulo. The strategy worked, even more so because the coach saw the cast getting stronger on the eve of the final stage of Paulista ChampionshipThe first defining moment of the season.

Against Mirasol, ranked as one of the best at home by the coach, a mostly reserve team emerged, He dominated the away game and won 3-0. Whoever entered during the match maintained its rhythm, gained confidence and “strengthened” the team.

Ceni “rotated” the Sao Paulo team and saw good reactions against Mirasol – Photo: Rubens Cherry /

Starting with the defensive system. Veteran veterans Rinaldo and Miranda, far from the undisputed comfortable position on the team, have fared well. The left-back scored and assisted goals, as well as a good compatibility with Marquinhos in the sector.

The defender, who is living a season below expectations, gave a safe performance and won most individual controversies. Alongside Leo, Miranda spearheaded a defensive system that allowed goalkeeper Jandrei to cool off the afternoon, despite facing the second most effective attack in the state.

In the midfield, Andres played for the first time as a starter, and Nikao won by minutes in the second half. In attack, Luciano and Juan started the match, but it was Emiliano Rigoni and Toro who finished the afternoon with confidence.

Rigoni scored the first goal under Rogerio Ceni – Photo: Rubens Chiri /

Rigoni, whose goal Rogerio Ceni celebrated so often, hasn’t scored since last October. There were 19 fasting matches, an uncomfortable sign for someone who was the protagonist of the team’s novel a few months ago.

On the other hand, Toro celebrated in the team after pre-season, celebrating for the last time a goal with a shirt Sao Paulo In December 2020, before leaving on loan to Sport and Atlético-GO last year. A goal that symbolizes something that Rogerio Ceni praised at Sunday’s press conference.

The cast is in good shape. Perhaps the cast will come out better than the team. We were playing at a similar pace even with the exchanges. Today I think it was eight compared to the last game. If she didn’t have great football, she showed a good level of play, a good level of competitiveness. “I think he’s at a higher stage than when we finished the Brazilian,” said the coach.

Watch Rogerio Ceni’s press conference after Sao Paulo beat Mirasol for Paulista

The choice to put Rigoni as the attacking reference in the second half was also correct. As a model striker, the role he has played is very little since he came to him Sao Paulothe Argentine completed a cross from Rinaldo and made it 2-0.

One of the highlights of Sunday’s match was Rinaldo – Photo: Rubens Chiri /

Rogerio Ceni himself diagnosed that Sao Paulo. On Sunday, after a good start, the team saw Mirassol grow and get bigger, especially in the midfield sector.

However, consistent defensive action allowed Jandry to live out a much calmer afternoon. Against the most competitive teams, however, this break in rhythm can be penalized, particularly by a playoff show from Paulistau, with unique matches in the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

Rogerio Ceni faces the Copa Brasil knockout on Wednesday – Photo: Rubens Chiri/

Before thinking about defending the state title, he was Sao Paulo You have an important date in the middle of the week. Athletic and Financial – Victory secures another R$ 1.9 million in prize money for the seeded team.

On Wednesday, at 9:30 pm (GMT), Tricolor will host Manaus, in Morumbi, in the second stage of the Copa do Brasil. Victory is the only one that guarantees the rating; A tie takes the dispute to penalties.

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