September 29, 2023

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Corona virus: experts point to two new presentations of the micron variant

Corona virus: experts point to two new presentations of the micron variant

The coronavirus pandemic has been the most discussed topic for the past couple of years, but when many thought the situation was turning back, the Omicron variant seemed to show that we were still far from winning this battle against the virus.

Although less lethal than previous strains, Ômicron is highly contagious, being Responsible for exploding the number of cases in many countries around the world can even The increase in cases in Brazil. Apparently, she also has some unique symptoms, recent studies suggest.

Thanks to an app developed by King’s College London, the world has discovered two new potential symptoms linked to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Professor Tim Spector, who is leading the study with the ZOE app, which allows people to post how they feel, says sufferers are now experiencing symptoms such as nausea and a lack of appetite.

In addition, Dr. Sankt Jain from Masina Hospital also stated that those with Ômicron also had vomiting as one of their symptoms, which means that the variant shows three new symptoms compared to the previous variants.

Previously, the main symptoms of the variant were coughing, fatigue, congestion and a runny nose. It is worth noting that the Corona virus was also known to lose the sense of smell and taste, in addition to fatigue and diarrhea.

For now, experts say vaccination, social distancing and the use of masks are still the best way to fight the virus in the long term and delay the emergence of new variants.

Are you still maintaining health protocols against the Corona virus?