June 23, 2024

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Missing, Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket lost to Minas at NBB

Missing, Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket lost to Minas at NBB

The Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket team lost to Minas on Sunday morning (9) with a score of 76 to 64, in a match held at Arena Minas Tênis Clube. With the negative score, the Super 8 guaranteed Dragon remained in fifth place on the leaderboard, adding 10 wins and five defeats.

With goalkeepers Larry Taylor and Dontrell Bright absent, goalkeeper Samuel Barra, quarterback Gabriel Gau and quarterback Raphael Hecchimer, having tested positive for Covid-19, Bauru’s first group included: Igor, Felipe Vizarro, Enzo Ruiz, Alex Garcia and Daniel. In the first quarter, Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket put in a great performance from Enzo Ruiz and Alex Garcia to open a double-digit advantage, in the last stretch of the first part, Minas trimmed the score, with a sequence of shots to three points, Bauru still finished the match by 19 to 16 .

In the second quarter, the scenario did not change, he defended very well and let his attack flow, taking advantage of the good trip of Enzo Ruiz, the Dragon controlled the score and went to the locker room, beating the Minas Gerais team, with 39 to 35.

When the break came back, despite opening a double-digit lead again, Zopone/Unimed Bauru Basket felt a lack of relay, as they only had seven players linked to the match. Minas led, even with a basket in the last second by pivotal Danilo, Bauro finished the third quarter at a disadvantage, 54 to 53.

In the final fourth it didn’t work out for the Bauruenses, Minas had his best period of the match, had great use in the three streak, stopping all the backlashes that Jorge Guerra’s men could have had. 76 to 64 in favor of managers.

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Bauruense’s basket with 22 points, his biggest mark of the season, winger Enzo Ruiz assessed the showdown this morning. “We are very sorry in the second half, unfortunately we lost three players who tested positive for covid, plus Larry and Heichheimer who are not back, but I am very proud of everyone today. We left everything on the field.”

Jorge Guerra acknowledged everyone’s efforts. “We played the game of dignity, overcoming and flexibility to get to the maximum for each game. Of course, we have limitations on the team and in the structure of the game, we lost goalkeepers and axes. We play with Alex, Danilo and Enzo to defend the big guys, but with all these problems we played a good game,” he analyzed .

“The important thing is to be patient and calm in this difficult time and add. We can even lose the match, but as long as it is in the spirit of someone who does not want to be defeated”, added the coach from Bauru.

The next game of Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket will be on Tuesday (11), at 11 am, against Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro. Before this match, the team and technical staff will undergo a Covid-19 test again, in the capital, Rio de Janeiro.

Number of Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket players in Sunday game:

Joao Gisardi – Received one point and one foul
Felipe Vizarro – 9 points, 6 rebounds and 3 balls
Alex Garcia – 16 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists
Danilo – 8 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists
Igor – 8 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists
Enzo Ruiz – 22 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists
Grandson – receive one mistake

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