October 1, 2023

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Corte moves to find Justina and Zilla at the request of Dom Pedro II in "Nos Tempos do Imperador" |  Come to me around - come

Corte moves to find Justina and Zilla at the request of Dom Pedro II in “Nos Tempos do Imperador” | Come to me around – come

The first thing to do is to close the city exits. Inspect all transportation,” says Gastau.

“We have to act quickly. My fear is that they have already been taken out of court.” Pedro commented.

Candida (Danny Ornelas), Zayla’s mother, will have a vision of families where Justina and her daughter are held hostage, in an abandoned shed. However, when help arrives to save them, it will be too late. They will already be transferred.

The chapter will still appear Dom Olo (Rugero Preto) Sorry for mistreating his daughter, Zayla, and Guibo (Maicon Rodriguez) Between her and Justina, who intends to marry her.

Meanwhile, on the road, en route to the Paraguayan War, Justina will appear fearful of what might happen to them. But Zayla will stand firm.

“Will no one find us? In a little while we will reach where the soldiers are. I’m afraid they will force us to serve the men.”

Zayla will guarantee “No man here will serve any man!”

Justina Zella will tell she’s scared at Nos Tempos do Imperador – Photo: Globo

What will Zayla do to save them from harm? Don’t miss the next chapters of the 6 o’clock TV series.

06 January


Samuel discovers that Toniko set him up so he can’t work outside the prison. Candida has a vision. Borges is concerned when he sees the police movement led by Gastau. Tonico provides information on Solano. Pedro decided to replace Admiral Tamandari in charge of the war in favor of Caxias. Prisca and Hillary leave for England. Isabel assumes that it was she who asked Pedro to keep Gaston away from the war.

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Let’s recall the moments of tension between Zayla and Justina:

Zayla provokes Justina