May 21, 2024

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Coup: Venezuelan court suspends elections in Barinas

Coup: Venezuelan court suspends elections in Barinas

Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) has suspended the candidacy of opposition politician Chavismo Freddy Superlano, in another electoral coup for Nicolás Maduro’s government. The candidate was running for governor of Barinas, the family stronghold of former President Hugo Chávez.

Superlano’s victory would put an end to more than 20 years of domination by the Chavez family, which has ruled the country since 1998. Only the region has yet to determine the winning ruler Elections held on November 21.

The TSJ maneuver for the CNE (National Electoral Council) indicated Superlano’s ineligibility for public office in the country, according to Argentina’s Infobae portal. The candidate had violated at least two articles of the Venezuelan constitution.

Delays in disclosing the election results in Barinas led to residents and other organizations, such as FotoGovin, putting pressure on the public authorities to declare the state’s next governor.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) has announced that the National Electoral Council (JNE) must collect the “minutes remaining to elect the Governor of Barinas State”, as the deadline given to local and regional officials has expired with no result announced.

Superlano opposed the situation with Argenis Chávez, the ruling PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) candidate and current governor. Argenis is the older brother of the deceased. President Chavez.

Barinas’ dominance began with the father of the former president, Hugo de los Reyes Chávez, governor from 1998 to 2008; He was followed by Brother Adan, the current ambassador of Venezuela to Cuba, between 2006 and 2016; He continued with Argenis who has been in charge since 2017.

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