June 12, 2024

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COVID: Felcio Rocho Hospital is living with a shortage of inpatient beds - Gerais

COVID: Felcio Rocho Hospital is living with a shortage of inpatient beds – Gerais

Staff of Felcio Rocho Hospital claim that respiratory care has already been suspended due to overload (Photo: Jackson Romanelli/EM/DA Press)

The care of patients with respiratory symptoms is reduced at the Felcio Rocho Hospital, in Barro Preto, in the central and southern region of Belo Horizonte. Those who arrive with the flu and suspect COVID-19 in the emergency service can only get appointments until 6 p.m., and there were days when they had to be suspended due to a lack of hospital beds.

This Monday (27/6), the report was in the hospital. With the unit complete, staff estimated the delay in processing suspected cases of COVID-19 was close to two and a half hours.

In addition, they said, there have been cases in which the emergency department has been closed to patients with respiratory illnesses due to the lack of vacancies for the most severe cases.

On Friday (24/6) the patients reported that the place was not receiving patients suspected of being infected with the Covid virus due to the lack of vacant places for hospitalization.

a Mining condition He tried to contact Felcio Rocho’s management several times, but the hospital did not respond. The report questioned whether there was an effort to expand the family and whether the current situation was caused by an increase in demand or other factors, however, there was no answer.

Cases are growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The advent of winter was accompanied by an increase in the number of respiratory diseases. according to Data from the People’s Committee of Belo Horizonte to combat COVID-19Between June 9 and 22, the number of new COVID cases recorded per 100,000 residents was about six times what it was between April 28 and May 8.

According to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the city of Belo Horizonte, in the first 24 days of June, nearly 30 thousand new suspected cases of COVID were recorded more than in May. The capital does not disclose data on hospitalizations resulting from the disease.

in the state, The scenario is also high in the number of cases. Monday’s epidemiological bulletin indicated the highest growth rate of people infected with the coronavirus in 24 hours since February. However, vaccination makes the context less severe, with a controlled rate of severe disease.

General deficiency in the family

In addition to the beds for suspected COVID, patients also reported difficulty providing care for other symptoms at Felcio Rocho. On Friday, a mechanical engineer, who preferred to remain anonymous, reported that he spent the night in the hospital and was unable to find a place for admission.

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He said that, on Thursday (23/6), he was suspected of having a stroke and sought care at Felicio Rocho. The test results ruled out the hypothesis, but the doctor who treated her preferred to remain under observation in the hospital.

“They told me they had a problem with the beds and I had to wait. I sat in the chair, didn’t sleep at all and finally, this morning (Friday) I asked them to check if I really had a bed and they told me they would open vacancies soon. In the afternoon, I spoke to the staff: “Look, I’m here with suitcases, I came straight from work, and I haven’t showered for about two days, in my work clothes. Since there was no vacancy, I decided to leave around 3 p.m.,” he said. He also stated that he will continue the examinations in a private clinic.