June 21, 2024

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UNIMED Manaus suspends visits due to increase in COVID-19 cases |  Corona virus |  cash |  Amazon - Amazon

UNIMED Manaus suspends visits due to increase in COVID-19 cases | Corona virus | cash | Amazon – Amazon

To ease emergency care for adults and children, the Medical Cooperative has set up a special ward to receive patients with symptoms of influenza and COVID-19 syndromes.

As of Monday (17/01) visits to patients with influenza syndromes, they have been admitted to the three hospital units of Unimed Manaus (adult and pediatric emergency care – PA, hospital and maternity), as well as accompanying persons in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) dependencies.

According to Unimed Manaus’ technical director, infectious disease specialist Lucilaide Oliveira Santos, the procedure was approved due to the increase in cases of severe acute respiratory syndromes and covid-19 and is aimed at keeping patients, family members and healthcare professionals safe. the health.

With visits suspended, family members will receive information about the progress of patients’ treatment, through daily newsletters, issued by the medical team, which will be sent by default via cell phone.

In the case of patients with special needs, children and the elderly, only one companion is allowed to stay, who must demonstrate a full vaccination course, without symptoms, and changes in shifts can only be made every 12 hours.

Since December 2021, when 80% of patients entering emergency care for children and adults developed symptoms associated with respiratory syndrome, the Department of Unimed Manaus has strengthened its team of health professionals and has also implemented new care protocols.

“We have enhanced our operational capacity since December, and now in January we are still able to grow and serve more users. But it is important for people to be vigilant, to keep their distance, to wear a mask when in the presence of other people, and to stay in open environments until We can control the problem of influenza outbreaks in our city,” warns Unimed Technical Director Manaus, infectious disease specialist Lucilaide Oliveira dos Santos.

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In addition to strengthening the teams of doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff, Unimed Manaus has allocated beds, exclusively for patients with influenza symptoms, among other new measures adopted to counter respiratory viruses during the seasonal period of influenza and acute respiratory syndrome. Shadeed (Seraj).

Lucilaide dos Santos highlights the impact of measures adopted at the time of care, which, according to her, has nearly tripled as a result of the significant increase in patients being admitted to the Department of ED in adults and children per day.