June 23, 2024

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Critically ill children and elderly dead: a meeting with the victims of a road accident in Waukesha |  Globalism

Critically ill children and elderly dead: a meeting with the victims of a road accident in Waukesha | Globalism

Of the five people who died (read more below), three were members of a group called the Milwaukee Dancing Granies, as well as one spouse, while 18 of the 40 injured are children, some of whom remain in hospital in serious condition.

Jesalyn Torres, 11, was touring with a Waukesha Xtreme Dance group when she was injured, risking her life when she lost one of her kidneys, fractured her pelvis, and ruptured her lungs and the rest of her kidney.

But, according to her uncle Ryan Conkey, the girl held hope and asked him to tell the doctors “just to fool me again.”

She was one of ten children admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit at the same hospital, according to Fox News.

Brothers Tucker and Jackson Sparks, ages 12 and 8, were seriously injured in Waukesha – Photo: Procreate/GoFundMe

The other victims were brothers Tucker Sparks, 12 years old, with a head injury, and Jackson Sparks, out of 8 who underwent brain surgery. The family still does not know the extent of the damage and the possible consequences he might suffer, or even whether he will survive.

Kenzie Hollingsworth suffered a brain haemorrhage, among other injuries, after being hit by a car in Waukesha – Photo: Procreate/GoFundMe

Waukesha South Band is raising money to help pay for treatment for some of its members, who have also been run over.

Aidan Logren fractured his ribs after being hit by a car in Waukesha – Photo: Reproduction/GoFundMe

Among them Aidan Laughrin, 16 years old, with broken ribs and severe bruising, also a teenager Tyler Bodliner, who plays the saxophone in the band and had two surgeries on Monday.

Tyler Pudleiner had to undergo two surgeries after being hit by a car in Waukesha – Photo: Reproduction/GoFundMe

The only unrelated fatal victim of the Milwaukee Dancer Grandmothers group was Jane Kulich, 52 years old. She was a Citizen Bank employee and was representing the company at the show when she was run over.

Tamara Durand was performing for the first time when she was hit by a car in Waukesha – Photo: Procreation/Facebook/Milwaukee Dancing Grannies

52 years old too, Tamara Durand He was first performing with Dancer Grandmothers when he lost his life. Before the show, she posted an interesting post on a social network about her debut.

Leana ‘Lee’ Owen did not survive being run over in Waukesha – Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Milwaukee Dancing Granies

Virginia Sorenson, better known as Jenny, also died in a car crash in Waukesha – Photo: Giving/Facebook/Milwaukee Dancing Grannies

Virginia SorensonKnown as Ginny, 79, he was on the group for 19 years and was responsible for welcoming new members, as well as being one of the coaches and choreographers for Dancer Grandmas.

Wilhelm Hospel, Waukesha murder victim – Photo: clone/Facebook/Milwaukee Dancing Granies

Wilhelm Hospel, 81, was married to a member of the Vovós Dançarinas, became a volunteer who helped with transportation and logistics for tours and shows, and is the kind of producer who ensures everyone has everything they need during their shows.

A wrinkled SUV involved in a motorcade crash in Waukesha, Wisconsin – Photo: Eric Dundt/AFP

The collective stumble occurred when 39-year-old Daryl Brooks, Jr. broke into a Christmas show with a speeding SUV. Police said the car broke through the barriers surrounding the annual parade shortly after 4:30 p.m. (local time, 7:30 p.m. Brasilia).

Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said at a news conference ‘No evidence of terrorism’ And that the driver would escape a “domestic disturbance”, without further explanation.

The car was recovered after the accident, which occurred in the city, 32 kilometers west of Milwaukee, and the driver was arrested.