February 2, 2023

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Crowded hospitals: occupancy rate of general intensive care units reaches 86% in Parana |  Parana

Crowded hospitals: occupancy rate of general intensive care units reaches 86% in Parana | Parana

The occupancy rate of the general intensive care units in Paraná is 86%. It serves the general family from accident victims to people who have had scheduled surgeries.

This Tuesday (31), the figure exceeded the ideal limit of 85% adopted by the Supplemental Health Agency, which is linked to the Department of Health.

In some cities, there is already a shortage of beds. in Guarapuavain the central region of the state, on Tuesday night, there was only one bed available.

The city has 23 general ICU beds in two hospitals. The largest of them, São Vicente de Paulo, serves an area of ​​more than half a million people.

– Photo: Geraldo Bobignac/AEN-PR/Disclosure

The increase in cases of pneumonia typical in the fall and winter contributed to the increased demand, as well as the lack of intensive care beds in the region.

in Ponta GrossaIn Campos Gerais de Parana, Joel de Oliveira, 85, of pneumonia and kidney problems, died in the intensive care unit after six days waiting for a vacancy in the intensive care unit.

in rattlesnakein the western district of Parana, the university hospital – one of the main hospitals in the state – is full: neither intensive care beds nor ward beds are available.

In the case of the dispensary, capacity lasted almost a month. Since then, the university direction has admitted that the situation has not changed. The emergency room should serve a maximum of 23 patients and hold 61 patients.

The hospital administration said it had held weekly meetings with the provincial health department and the town hall in an effort to alleviate the situation.

Sat, the Paraná Health Department said that bed occupancy is very dynamic and that, at present, the demand is being met in units of the hospital network in the state. The volume also stated that, historically, occupancy of intensive care beds has always remained high.

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