September 22, 2023

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Cssio's speech and the good moment for the youth of Al Qaeda behind the scenes of the Corinthians victory

Cssio’s speech and the good moment for the youth of Al Qaeda behind the scenes of the Corinthians victory

Corinthians beat Juventus 2-0 last Saturday, at the New Coimica Arena, with two goals from Edson and Mantouan. The win was important to restore confidence after the defeat in the previous match and to reconfirm the good moment for Boys. Those sentiments were highlighted in the classic behind-the-scenes video the club released at the end of Sunday.

before the match

Immediately, two club employees managed to record the result of the match before the ball was rolled, as well as some interviewed fans. Meanwhile, the mood in the locker room was heated with loud music for some, prayer for others and motivational talks.

duty. Everyone needs. It’s not just a way to win the game, it’s organization. Organization, is not in any way. Assumption, hypothesis. Let’s go in search of another victory. organisation. Everyone needs it, everyone needs it. Sometimes a guy thinks he won’t get in, he goes in and decides the match. Everyone must be connected. “Great game today, guys,” Cassio told his teammates in the video posted on the app. SCCP . universe.

In the last classic meeting before going to the pitch, while the players were embracing, the goalkeeper and captain came back to speak to the team and was punctuated by the significance of the win.

“Boys, we must be humble. Humility to run backwards, to believe in all the balls. Guys, we’re at home, we didn’t get there for nothing fighting for the lead and we qualified in other competitions for nothing. Let’s leave everything on the field, let’s play a great game! “

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kids online

The two goals that gave victory to Timao came from the feet of Edson and Mantuan. The duo, who formed in Terrão, spoke after the match and focused on the importance of the group’s victory.

“We’re coming from a defeat,” said Edson. “I knew that winning today was important to us. I’m very happy with the performance of the whole team and we left with the three points.”

“Corinthians, right?! We’re only thinking about the top. Before the match, Cassio said Corinthians have to fight there, they can’t look down. So, that’s what we do and what people try to do when they enter the field,” said Gustavo Mantoan.

well built

Rafael Ramos was one of the most memorable players of the match. In front of more than 34,000 fans, the right-back played as a key player and was responsible for helping Adson swing the net. After the match, he highlighted the good adaptation and praised Phil.

“I’m getting more and more used to the country, with the fans of our club and with this great club as well. I’m really enjoying playing here, it’s where we feel in the team and personally I think it’s where we feel better. The game and the results. Personally, I’m very happy to help. And make my contribution to the team of course,” he said.

Watch the full video behind the scenes

SCCP X YOUTH – YOUTUBE-UNIVERSE From Universe_SCCP on me vimeo.

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