June 21, 2024

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Cuba, US hold high-level meeting after Biden's inauguration |  The world

Cuba, US hold high-level meeting after Biden’s inauguration | The world

Cuba And To us The first bilateral meeting between senior government officials since Joe Biden arrived at the White House resumed this Thursday (21) in Washington relocation talks that have been interrupted since 2018.

Conversations focus entirely on maximizing migration Cuba By land and sea, State Department spokesman Nate Price said.

According to customs To usFrom October 2021 to March 2022, more than 78,000 Cubans entered the country through the border with Mexico.

A large influx from the island, which coincides with its worst economic crisis in almost three decades, especially since the Govt-19 epidemic hit the tourism industry.

“Discussions on safe, orderly and legal migration are of primary interest To us“, Price told reporters.

“Our broader policy is based on supporting the Cuban people and supporting their democratic aspirations. There are elements of immigration, there are elements of family reunification, but these are conversations about migration,” he said.

See below for a 2021 report on US sanctions Cuba.

The United States has imposed new sanctions on Cuba

Cuban Vice President Carlos Fernandez de Cozio traveled to Washington to meet with US officials, including Emily Mentrala. Cuba And relocation to the State Department.

The purpose of the resumption, as pointed out by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Myorgas on Wednesday, was to “prevent immigrants from throwing themselves into the sea because these are very dangerous voyages”.

Since Nicaragua lifted its visas for Cubans on November 22, thousands of them have sought to cross the US border into Havana in various ways, where they could benefit from the 1964 Cuban Adjustment Act, which grants citizenship to the island’s citizens. One year.

Havana has accused Washington of requesting Latin American governments to issue transit visas to Cubans stationed at its airports and for failing to comply with a migration agreement to issue 20,000 visas a year to Cubans.

In recent years, Cubans who have emigrated to benefit from the family reunification program have been forced to travel to third countries, such as Colombia and Guyana, to apply for visas as the US embassy closes.

The embassy closed four years ago because its embassy staff was attacked, Havana categorically denies.

In March, however, the US Embassy To us In Havana he announced that he would begin issuing visas to Cubans on a limited, gradual and as yet undisclosed date, but this has not yet come into effect.

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