May 30, 2024

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Queen Elizabeth II is 96 years old

Queen Elizabeth II is 96 years old

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This Thursday (21) marks the 96th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II at the Artillery Wall in London, but the King, who has been battling motion problems for months, will only celebrate the date with his family.

According to tradition, the cannons of the Tower of London fired 62 salvos, and 41 were made in Hyde Park. There will be no other celebrations today: since the 18th century, British sovereignty has officially used good weather for its birthday in June.

These celebrations coincide with the activities organized for the “Platinum Jubilee” – 70th anniversary. From the reign of Elizabeth IIAscended the throne on February 6, 1952.

Sovereignty last year was tough. She faced various health issues, including the death of her husband Prince Philip and the sexual abuse case against a minor, which ended after her son Andrew settled out of court financially.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace sources say that Elizabeth II, the Dean of the World’s Kings, wants to blow out the 96-year-old candles “privately”. To celebrate this date, American toy maker Mattel has released a Barbie doll with features of the young Elizabeth II.

Buckingham Palace last month released a photo of the Queen with two white berserons who are huge fans of horses. During a guard change at Windsor Castle, soldiers played “Happy Birthday” in front of a crowd gathered in front of the residence.

However, Elizabeth II is not in this palace 40 kilometers west of London, where she has been since the beginning of the epidemics. The Queen flew by helicopter to her country home in Sandringham, East England.

The photo of Queen Elizabeth II next to the two horses, her curiosity, was released this Thursday. Via REUTERS – Wi

There, she planned to move away from the main mansion where the prince was and stay in the small house Philip lived after retiring from public life in 2017. The death of the man he had married for 73 years left a “huge void” in the Queen’s life, in the words of 62-year-old Andrew, who is considered by many to be his favorite son. The death marked the beginning of the reign of the now-isolated monarch, who was rocked by a series of scandals that rocked the British royal family.

The Queen celebrates Platinum in February at Sandringham House
The Queen celebrates Platinum in February at Sandringham House AP – Joe Kiddens

Succession issues

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Her health is worrying as doctors forced the queen to rest in bed last October. It was later revealed that Elizabeth had spent a night in the hospital undergoing “tests”, the nature of which had never been explained.

In recent months, he has dropped out of many related events, such as the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, and seemed to be walking with the cane. Her last public appearance was at a public meeting in Westminster Abbey in London on March 29 in memory of her late husband.

Queen Elizabeth during her Christmas speech, December 2021
Queen Elizabeth during her Christmas speech, December 2021 AFP – Paul Ellis

She stepped inside through the side door to clear the way and chatted with some guests for a while. His grandson, Harry, who lived with his wife Megan in California after abruptly leaving the monarchy in 2020, said he saw him in “excellent form” in an interview aired Wednesday on the American channel NBC after meeting him last weekend. He was on his way to Holland to lead the Invictus, a sport he created for war veterans.

The drastic cut in the king’s official agenda has, in recent months, accommodated his son Charles. The 73-year-old heir to the throne has changed his mother on various occasions and may again take part in the traditional royal speech that opens the parliamentary year scheduled for May 10th.

The Prince of Wales (43%) has a much lower reputation than Elizabeth II and her eldest son William (64%). Many Britons believe that the Queen’s grandson should ascend the throne after her.

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