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Curitiba loses to Obreiro in Ponta Grossa

Curitiba loses to Obreiro in Ponta Grossa

Parana 2022Yesterday, 23:29

Curitiba loses to Obreiro in Ponta Grossa

Written by: Jorge Jr

In addition to the taboo of not beating the Operario at Ponta Grossa eleven years ago, Coritiba had to play on a field punished by rain that fell in the afternoon in Campos Gerais. With two changes in regards to his debut against Cianorte, Coxa made little in the first half, as O’Barario made seven serves, four on goal, and opened the scoring in the 19th minute. Moralia hesitated to get out on his feet and Felipe Garcia had no difficulties scoring after the goalkeeper’s bounce. Despite this capital defect, Alex Moralha was responsible for the result being no higher. With no creation in the middle and reliance on a direct link from the defence, the only moment of danger against Phantom came in the 43rd minute, as Pablo Garcia put Igor Paixao in front. In the kick, goalkeeper Simao saved well. In the end, Felipe Garcia, at 47 and Robinho, at 48, hit the yellow, and the same happened with Alf Manga, who hit after the elbow in the yellow in the 17th minute, initially causing confusion on the field. Val, off the bench, and Willian Farias also received a yellow card.

On the way back to second place, Luisao replaced Pablo Garcia and Curitiba in two minutes that did more than the first half. 1:30, Mateus Alexandre cross from the right to Paixão, who hits hard and shot over the goal. A minute later, another cross from the side, but this time directly into the hands of goalkeeper Simao, but there was no time for joy. In three minutes, Lucas Mendes crossed from the left, and the ball hit Marcio’s hand. Penalty kick Marcelo’s shot, Alex Moralia still touches the ball, but he can’t defend. Fiverde penalty.

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Within 10 minutes, Morínigo makes a triple change. Enter Natanael, Régis and Val for the vacancies as Mateus Alexandre, Robinho and Matheus Sales, respectively. The team is making a slight improvement. At the age of 15, Luizão wins on defense, playing for Régis who finds a thousand Manga, which almost reduces the score. At 23, Manga cross from the right, Luisao hits his head, Simao does a miracle, but the ball goes to an amazing little fish from Henrique, who lowers the score at Ponta Grossa. After 30 minutes, Coritiba began pushing Operário, who continued to practice counter-play, stopping the match whenever he had the chance. At the age of thirty-three, in the last most dangerous step, Alf Manga’s pass with great power from the right flank, but still, Luisao almost took the opportunity. At the age of forty-five, Nathan Fogaka replaced a thousand manga, but added nothing to the match. The end of the match, the first defeat, in a match that should give coach Mourinho a lot to study.

Curitiba returns to the field on Sunday, 8pm, against União de Francisco Beltrao for the third round.

data sheet

Factor 2 x 1 Curitiba
Location: Germano Krüger – Ponta Grossa – Paraná
Data: 01/27/2022
Time: 21:30

Referee: Robson Babinski – PR
Assistants: Evan Carlos Boon – Public Relations and Wagner Jr. Bonfim Lido – Public Relations

Curitiba: Alex Moralia, Matthews Alexander (Natanel), Marcio Silva, Henrique, Egdio, Willian Farias, Matthews Sales (Val), Robinho (Regis), Igor Paixao, Pablo Garcia (Luisao) and Alf Manga (Nathan Fogaca)
Coach: Gustavo Morenigo

factory worker: Simao, Arnaldo (Romario), Rene, Willian Machado, Andre Lima, Fabiano, Lucas Mendes, Giovanni Bavani (Pio), Felipe Garcia, Marcelo Oliveira (Gustavo Lopez), Rodrigo Bempao (Thales)
Artistic: Ricardo Catala

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Game Objectives:
Felipe Garcia (Obrario) – 19 minutes into the first half
Marcelo Oliveira (Opera) – 4 minutes into the second half
Henrique (Curitiba) – 23 minutes into the second half

Yellow Cards: André Lima (Opera), Felipe Garcia (Opera), Robinho (Coritiba), Simão (Operário), Giovanni Pavani (Operário), Rodrigo Pimpão (Operário), Marcio Silva (Coritiba), Régis (Coritiba), Val ( Curitiba), Lucas Mendes (worker)

Payment and total audience
Pay audience: 2,062
Total audience: 2231

Payment and total audience
Income: 60797.50 BRL

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