June 16, 2024

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Danny Calabresa embarrasses Fatima Bernardis after a joke about rocking

Danny Calabresa embarrasses Fatima Bernardis after a joke about rocking

laughing nervously? Danny Calabresa entered the stage in Meeting, on Globo, dressed as a journalist, after a fan asked Fatima Bernardis if she would like to have a twin sister. The actress got into the role of “Nova Fatima” and began to present a fantasy program. But towards the end of their dialogue, she released a hypothetical story that included vibrators and left her friend embarrassed. Fatima replied, “It’s all about the schedule… That was my fear of a twin sister.”

The actress’s suggestion was to come and pretend she would be Presentation of the meeting, as well as Fatima: “I think you’ll like it. Is everything good guys? Good morning. Look how great it is! Are you okay Alexander? How nice you guys are. Welcome everyone here to meet with great. Thus, the only word I found chime in with Fatima.Dani started.

The host of the program replied with a laugh: “Oh, my God is in Heaven.” “Today’s show is far from outstanding. We have a girl who has a really cool project. She picks up pet bottles and turns them into a vibrator. It would be really cool,” the comedian concluded, leaving Fatima visibly embarrassed.

The journalist quickly broke off her friend’s joke and changed the subject when she said she was almost never in uniform and disappointed her team, but after seeing Calabresa, she understood the whole scheme that had been agreed upon and loved it.

Despite the out-of-date joke, Danny made a funny appearance on the show and won praise from her fellow presenter: “We are so alike. I would like to be your sister. I would like to take dance lessons with you.”