June 12, 2024

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"Deer Supermoon": Watch the photos of the phenomenon |  Sciences

“Deer Supermoon”: Watch the photos of the phenomenon | Sciences

This Wednesday (13) the “deer super moon” can be seen all over Brazil, as long as weather conditions are favourable.

The name of the current phenomenon is associated with the time when the horns of these animals grow again and are part of the tradition of the Algonquin Indian tribe in northeastern Canada.

is similar to “Strawberry Supermoon”which occurred in June, this is the second time that a natural satellite has been at its perihelion, which is the closest point to Earth.

Below, see photos of the phenomenon:

Giant deer moon behind a lighthouse in Saint-Nazaire, France – Photo: Reuters

A flood appears on the horizon in Porto Alegre, late afternoon on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. – Photo: JORGE GUERINO LANSARIN/ENQUADRAR/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

The view from the full moon, this is the largest moon of the year, called Super Lua dos Cervos, in the city of Santa Maria (RS) on Wednesday, 13. 1 – Photo: RENAN MATTOS / FUTURA PRESS / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTEÚD

The giant deer moon rises in Moscow (Image: Reuters)

Giant moon behind a lighthouse, France – Photo: Reuters

Giant deer moon seen in Saint Petersburg, Russia – Image: AP

In Russia, Deer Supermoon was seen east of Saint Petersburg – Photo: AP

Giant moon image of a deer behind the Cathedral of Our Lady in Dresden, Germany – Photo: AP

Deer Supermoon over the Mediterranean, in front of an apartment complex, in the coastal city of Mersin, Turkey – Photo: AP

“Supermoon of the Cervos” seen from Camburi Beach, Vitória – Photo: Vitor Jubini

“Supermoon of the Deer” in Espiritu Santo – Photo: Ricardo Medeiros / Reddy Gazzetta

A “deer supermoon” in the sky of Espirito Santo – Photo: Vitor Gobini/Redy Gazeta