September 24, 2023

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Defensenet – War drums

The new British military chief has warned soldiers to be prepared to “fight once again in Europe”, ideas that will take on new meaning as Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to be brutal.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, who led the British Army, which began Monday, addressed troops and civil servants for the first time in an internal message last Thursday.

At The cry raisesCommenting on the BBC, the commander said: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine underscores our main objective of defending Britain. We are ready to go to war and win the war on the ground.

He added: “We are the generation that needs to prepare the military to fight back in Europe.”

Sanders noted in his message that after 1941 he was “the first commander-in-chief to accept command of the army in the shadow of a land war in Europe, which includes a large continental power.”

He set goals, including mobilizing and modernizing the military in an effort to increase NATO security and “deny Russia any chance of occupying any other part of Europe.”

Sanders leads Britain’s smallest army for more than 300 years, extending Britain’s rule as a global colonial power through the Cold War. In March, the Ministry of Defense data showed that between October 2021 and January 2022, the number of soldiers in the UK Armed Forces fell by 1,800 – from just 197,000.

Later that month, Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace announced his future outlook for the British military, with £ 3 billion (approximately $ 3.7B) to be spent on new long-range rocket systems and anti-aircraft defense, as well as £ 120 million. (About $ 147M) to build new Ranger Regiments.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky in Kiev on Friday – his second surprise visit since Russia’s invasion began on February 24.

“Walking with you once again on the streets of Kiev is incredibly moving, paying tribute to its fallen soldiers. We will never forget their sacrifice, invincible courage and bravery,” Johnson said.