December 11, 2023

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UK's 'Bitcoin Adventure' Shows BTC Is a Family Affair

UK’s ‘Bitcoin Adventure’ Shows BTC Is a Family Affair

Bitcoin (BTC) is for everyone: babies, toddlers, rockers and even racing pigs. At the “Bitcoin Adventure” held in the Avon Valley near Bristol, Bitcoiners and hobbyists shared their knowledge, jokes and personal journeys down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Even better, there is no “toxic high” of Bitcoin.

— The Bitcoin Adventure (@TheBTCAdventure) July 3, 2022

A world premiere for Bitcoin collecting, the “adventure” took place at a wildlife park. While some of the UK’s most famous Bitcoiners headlined the main stage, the 250 attendees who bought tickets (paying in BTC, naturally) were able to play with the park’s furry Bitcoiner symbols: herding goats, hugging rabbits and watching pig races.

The adventure of the day unfolded. Source: Cointelegraph

Organizer DB told Cointelegraph that “the aim is to create a family-friendly Bitcoin event that brings people from across the UK together to share ideas and learn in a relaxed, familiar environment”.

“Hopefully it will be a success, although it doesn’t seem like it in many ways. However, the positive feedback from everyone involved has been incredible and the event has exceeded our expectations.

Ranging from Zoomers to Boomers — and with a gender balance that most Bitcoin meetups only aspire to — Bitcoin Adventure was a grassroots scene that complemented the decentralized movement. There are no corporate sponsors, “super shady programmers” or bad actors using bitcoin to screw up banks – “people give their time. To educate others”.

Indeed, squeamish customers can be herds of mischievous meerkats:

We are ready to start… #Bitcoin Accepted here. required @CoinCorner And @CoinCornerDanny. Fun for the whole family #TheBitcoinAdventure!

— The Bitcoin Adventure (@TheBTCAdventure) July 2, 2022

For some partners, Bitcoin Adventure is the day the Lightning Network loses its virginity. Bars accept Bitcoin on the Lightning Network using CoinCorner Point of Sale (PoS) devices – From Bitcoin #LightningLunch – QR code stickers with “Free Chats Here” were hidden around the wildlife park. Additionally, Bitcoin stickers, socks, and even cufflinks can be purchased with some Satoshi.

Please indicate your preference @SophieNakamoto.
Buy beer with #Bitcoin for that #Lightning Network

— Joe Hall (@JoeNakamoto) July 2, 2022

Ben Ark of LNBits, a self-proclaimed Bitcoin FOSS (Free Open Source Software) enthusiast, gave a thought-provoking presentation on open source tools. He can be seen fiddling with LN hardware devices and QR code readers, answering questions, no matter how mundane or elaborate.

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The day’s conversations ranged from lessons on multi-signature wallets to the risks and rewards of Bitcoin mining from Neil Woodfine of Unchained Capital, analyst and miner Jason Dean; And popular podcasters Daniel Prince and Nathan Day wrapped up the proceedings with a discussion on Bitcoin, homeschooling and travel. Her children then “hit the stage” to answer questions.

Lecture “Educating the World of Bitcoiners”. Source: Cointelegraph

Jordan Walker, CEO of Bitcoin Collective (the UK’s first Bitcoin conference) and MC of the event, joined us on what’s new in digital and decentralized currency. While 18+ people gathered at the bar to pay for beers using the Lightning Network and discuss the details of the day, the kids kept themselves busy with a variety of Bitcoin-themed activities. DB Organizer explains:

“It’s important for kids to learn through play and Bitcoin Ballers, Zepedi, GameTron and Robotexy have given kids the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin.”

Coach Carbon, the Bitcoin soccer coach behind Bitcoin Ballers, helped kids “go fresh” with an inflatable soccer goal. Elsewhere, Bitcoin games and “Explaining Bitcoin Using Modeling Clay” have been offered as Bitcoin presentations for children. Education for kids is a growing subset of Bitcoin learning, and more and more teachers and educators are creating content with their kids in mind.

The Bitcoin Racing team provided one of the fastest updates for Bitcoin and El Salvador. Bitcoin “minors” will race across the UK in the coming months for the driver’s seat of an El Salvador flag-adorned Citroen C1:

Racing team #Bitcoin was inside @TheBTCAdventure at @AvonValleyPark

Waving the flag for #Bitcoin And #El Salvador !!@bitcoin_racing @JessicaPukele @VanessInteriano

— Daniel Prince (@PrinceySOV) July 3, 2022

An adventurous and hidden gem featuring Roger 9000, a vibrant Bitcoin musician. A one-man band capped off the day with songs inspired by Satoshi. “Bitcoin is the love machine” is included in the lyrics, while the song “Alle Canada” is a rallying cry for Bitcoin-supporting truckers’ protests in North America.

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As the sun set on the inaugural event, many participants pitched their tents at campsites. For organizer DB, the plan is to “let the dust settle and sit down for the next few weeks and think about the event – what we could have done differently, what we could have improved”.

“Then let’s set the wheels in motion for The Bitcoin Adventure 2023.”

Let’s hope next summer’s Bitcoin adventure doesn’t bear the signs of a bear market.

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