July 20, 2024

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Dentist dies after fitness test at Ciara Police Military Competition

Dentist dies after fitness test at Ciara Police Military Competition

Last Sunday (12), a Dentist The 30-year-old passed away after falling ill during a fitness test in hospital General competition for military police cars.

According to family members, Darlene Sonaria Ferrera He had a heart attack during one of the tests in Fortaleza and could not resist.

The Dentist He is from Riacho de Santana, in Rio Grande do Norte, but currently works in the municipality of Iracema, in the interior of Ceará.

“She was always that way of holding things,” he told the dentist’s cousin in an interview with G1. “She wanted to be an officer in the PM. She always lived away from home in search of her dreams.”

Al-Amin mourns the death of the dentist

By noting, the SSPDS reported that candidate Darlene Sonaria Ferreira felt ill during a physical abilities assessment test in Public tender For admission to the position of second lieutenant from the cadre of supplementary officers in the Military Police of Ceará (PMCE).

“She was immediately treated by the medical team who attended the test on the spot, and soon after, she was transferred to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA), where she arrived conscious, but ended up dying,” the secretary says.

The SSPDS regretted the death of the dentist and stressed that the phase of assessment of physical abilities is the responsibility of the event organizer, in this case, Fundação para o Vestibular da Universidade Estadual Paulista – VUNESP, and that all candidates present a medical certificate evidencing the health conditions of the participant for the assessment of physical abilities, In addition to signing the Terms of Responsibility.

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Iracema Municipality mourned the death of the dentist and stated that it sympathizes with all family members and friends.