May 19, 2024

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6 Foods That Slowly Kill This Member

6 Foods That Slowly Kill This Member

Grab a quick snack, grab some candy, or maybe drink a juice can They are innocent options that can be eaten from time to time, and the problem is when they become regular habits, as they can cause weight gain and other damage, in addition to harming heart health.

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Discover 6 food options that are bad for heart health and should be avoided every day.

6 unhealthy foods that affect heart health

1 – Diet soda

It is very common to think that it is beneficial for not gaining weight because it has no added sugar. The big problem is that these food products contain large amounts of sodium and other substances that are harmful to gut health. In addition, this type of drink increases appetite, which leads to an increase in the intake of other calorie foods.

2 – Margarine

Because it contains large amounts of trans fats and other fatty acids, margarine becomes an unhealthy choice when considering long-term health. These substances cause changes in cells, increase the risk of inflammatory processes, increase bad cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, risk of heart attack and cancer.

3 – French fries

For the same reasons margarine, you should avoid consuming potatoes and other foods fried in oil. If you still don’t want to remove such foods from your menu, use healthier options like coconut oil, for example, or try making potatoes in the microwave or air fryer.

4- Processed meat

Processed meats such as bacon, sausage, sausage, salami, and bologna, for example, are foods that increase the risk of diseases such as cancer. A study conducted by the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw, Poland, jointly with Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and published in the Journal of Heart Failure, found that consumption of processed red meat can increase the risk of heart failure by up to 28% in men, in addition to doubling the chances of death. heart disease;

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5 – Sweets

In addition to being a cause of weight gain, it causes inflammatory processes in the body, as well as high cholesterol and the risk of developing diabetes. Thus, they also affect long-term heart health.

6 – Mayonnaise

The biggest aggravating factor for mayonnaise is the extra sodium and calories it contains. This becomes a risk factor for heart health.

The diet should be varied and consist of real foods and plant-based options. Lean meats and fruits are foods that contribute to the proper functioning of the body and long-term health, in addition to warding off diseases and heart problems.