May 25, 2024

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Diario receives an invitation to open the Unimed Hospital

Photo: Rmulo Chico/esp. DP
On Thursday (7), the President of Unimed Recife, Maria de Lourdes Correia de Araújo, visited Clube do Diario de Pernambuco, in the northern region of Recife, to deliver invitations for the opening of the Unimed Hospital. The meeting was attended by the directors of Diario newspaper: Alexandre Almeida, Commercial Director; Claudio Menezes da Trindade, Chief Financial Officer; and Ulisses Andrade of Unimed Recife Communications Agency. In addition to handing out the invitations, the directors took the opportunity to discuss new possibilities for the partnership between the newspaper and the medical network.
The visit is scheduled for October 13 and 14, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., split in this way to allow more people to learn about the development, while complying with all of the restrictive rules. The new eighteen-storey hospital, located in Ilha do Leite, Recife, will be the fourth hospital in the network and will have a large diagnostic center, equipped with the latest MRI, two CT scans, an extensive ultrasound and radiology area, as well as six Operating rooms and 420 hospitalizations. By the end of November, the hospital will employ 722 specialists from various fields of expertise, which is a great opportunity for people from Pernambuco.
Maria de Lourdes also highlighted the importance of recent investments in technology, particularly through great innovations in robotics, which seek to facilitate the work of the medical team and provide reliable and better quality services to clients. Currently, Unimed Recife’s customer base is about 182,000 lives.
“We have got the latest robot, the XI robot, to deliver all this robotic technology and thus conquer so many customers that we will be, in terms of technology, the best hospital in Recife, guaranteed, as we are going to do many surgeries with robots, as We must not forget to mention the high level of comfort and convenience that will be present in the very beautiful new hospital, with two towers connected by three corridors, everything made to house patients in the best possible way.”
The President of Unimed Recife went on to talk about the advantages of investing in technological innovations that bring more flexibility and safety, saying that few states in Brazil have robotic technology, and that surgeries performed with these innovations are “minimally invasive, achieve much greater accuracy and lead to Those diseases indicated for this type of surgery.” Maria de Lourdes also stated that the network has a large number of doctors able to use this technology, and that it will invest in training more doctors in this field.
Alexandre Almeida, amid much praise for the President, did not fail to mention the quality, credibility and traditions of UNAMID Recife, characteristics rooted in the memory of the people of Pernambuco, and which also constitute the strength of Diario de Pernambuco. On the occasion, he also revealed that Unimed won first place in the Preferred Brands 2021 poll, repeating the 2016 achievement, when it was also awarded the award.
“The confidence that the residents of Pernambuco have in Unimed is already well known, and they think about the quality of this work that Diario so much wants Unimed to bring to our platforms, because we know our ability to expand the dissemination of this work. Diario is recording a significant increase in the audience in print media and has an average ​Monthly 5 million unique users, which are extraordinary numbers that prove that people are looking for Diario because they want Diario in particular, so we have many reasons to invest in this partnership, and this meeting today serves as a stepping stone to that,” via Commercial Director.
With great pride in her recent achievement, the President of Unimed Recife highlighted the commitment and faith needed to run large businesses and prioritize customer satisfaction, and reminded that the Unimed system will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary on December 18. Together with Diario, who turns 196 on November 7, both companies, which aim to forge new partnerships throughout the year, will celebrate another milestone in their distinguished path in the business they are developing.

“Diario de Pernambuco’s presence at the opening of the hospital would be exceptional, given its great penetration of all platforms, so it will be able to show us to its entire audience, and this kind of partnership is very important to show that it was not easy for Unimed Recife to be able to build Such a modern hospital during these difficult times, where faith in God is absolutely necessary to have peace and be able to run a project of this scale.”

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