June 21, 2024

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Manager says Janderson's deal with Grmio is linked to Corinthians' debt to Luan

Manager says Janderson’s deal with Grmio is linked to Corinthians’ debt to Luan

After a fantastic season at Atlético Goianiense, Janderson has been one of Corinthians’ most sought-after players in the current football market. The attacking midfielder has an agreement in progress with Grêmio, Like rudder.

Among the teams that have shown interest in the player is America Mineiro. According to the football coordinator of the club company for the Minas Gerais team, Marcos Salom, a proposal has been made, but the athlete has already been negotiated with Grêmio.

“They wanted to sell, and we made an offer to buy part of the ticket, but since there was that amount owed between Corinthians and Gremio, it was convenient for the clubs to get a right. This was a contract I wanted to make, but couldn’t,” he revealed to Supersports.

Also according to Salom, the player went to Grêmio because of the Corinthians’ debt to Luan. According to América Mineiro’s manager, the Rio Grande do Sul team has cut a portion of the money it had to receive from Luan with a portion of Jenderson’s rights.

“Janderson had already gone to Grêmio. We were interested, but Grêmio had credit to receive from the Corinthians regarding Luan. The two clubs ended up composing, in this debt, part of Grêmio’s pass. It was a shame, because we came up with an offer. We even agreed with a manager The player, and we practically closed him, but we could not resolve the matter with Corinthians,” concluded Marcus Salom.

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