May 26, 2024

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'Dirty Mouth' of Seniors Leaves Luciano Hack Embarrassed During The Wall do Domingão

‘Dirty Mouth’ of Seniors Leaves Luciano Hack Embarrassed During The Wall do Domingão

Luciano Hack was embarrassed by the behavior of Janet Stubf, a participant in The Wall on Sunday (9). through frame Sunday with Hack, Mrs. She dropped some profanity and swung across the stage at the game show. Awkwardly, the “dirty mouth” veteran presenter joked.

“It’s the second time you’ll see her in the house, because Grandma Janet sends embers here,” Comment Hack between laughs, after the Mrs. swore, which was Globo’s censor.

When the veteran got a positive result in the dispute, she celebrated the conquest by jumping, screaming, and dancing. “Capao Redondo family, is your grandmother like this every day?” asked Hack. And the family members answered yes.

“I may be a f***, but I don’t lose heart,” replied Janet, who censored her speech. Unabashedly, the lady even recommended an aphrodisiac biscuit to the Globo contractor. “Angelica received your letter, dear grandmother,” replied Hack.

Excited, Janet used the post to mock the presenter’s nose. “Look, looking at your figure, you’re not a big nose!” commented the lady. “Tell Eve [filha de Huck] She says, “Dad, you have a big nose!” The speaker admitted, laughing.

At the end of the board, Janet and her grandson Marcelo won about R$147,000 in the wall game, an amount that will be invested in renovating their residence. The lady took advantage of the space to post on her Instagram page, @vovojaneteoficial. With the advent of the program, she gained more than 40 thousand followers in less than two hours.

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