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Discover new WhatsApp functions, such as extended groups – 04/15/2022 – Poder

Discover new WhatsApp functions, such as extended groups – 04/15/2022 – Poder

The The WhatsApp Launched on Thursday (14) in beta phase A A new feature called “Communities‘, which will serve as an umbrella housing multiple groups of thousands of users.

In practice, this is a large group of groups, which can have thousands of members, with all connections encrypted. today, All whatsapp group A maximum of 256 members.

The feature will be in testing with some users in the coming months.

The WhatsApp commits to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) “Communities” will not appear for the first time in Brazil before the second round of the presidential elections scheduled for October 30. However, the company does not undertake to conduct community launches between the second round and the presidential inauguration in Brazil.

at interview for a sheetWill Cathcart, global head of WhatsApp, said he’s not afraid that “communities”, A feature that allows you to send encrypted messages to thousands of usersmeans a setback in the fight against misinformation.

“We design the product carefully, with intent. There are a lot of products on the market that have not been thought of with the same care. We will be able to offer a very useful feature to users, while providing careful design decisions to combat misinformation.”, he said.

Check out other news from the messaging platform below.

What changes in the application


  • It will have up to 10 groups with a maximum of 256 people in each group. WhatsApp is considering increasing group capacity to 512 users;
  • The administrator can send a notification to all groups in the community and reach up to 2560 users at once;
  • Forwarded messages can be carried over to one group at a time, not five as it is today. This procedure is one of those procedures that are developed to reduce misinformation in the application;
  • WhatsApp ensures that features will not be available before the presidential election

Changes to the current application format

  • Admins will be able to delete wrong or problematic messages from groups. Today each user can only remove his post;
  • Shared files, such as videos, photos, and documents, can be up to a maximum of 2GB in size, compared to the current 10MB;
  • Users will be able to reply to messages from other users with emojis;
  • Voice calls will be able to gather up to 32 people. WhatsApp wants to compete with apps that have gained traction in the pandemic, such as Meet and Teams

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