May 18, 2024

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"Distance is not a disagreement" · TV news

“Distance is not a disagreement” · TV news

Cynthia Abravanel, mother Tiago Abravaneldownplayed the statements made by the son in BBB 22 About The battles in which the Silvio Santos family participated. The plastic artist stated that her family has problems like any other, but they also have good things. “Distance is not a disagreement,” she said.

“Living apart does not mean fighting. My children and I live far away, because the age difference with my sisters is so big. I have a sister who is a year older than my older daughter,” explained Cynthia, In an interview with GQ magazine,.

The eldest told the owner of SBT: “It saddens me to see that people have misinterpreted Thiago in a mean and wrong way when he said that he did not grow up near his grandfather and that he lives much more with his father’s family.”

Cynthia explained that this distance was due to an accident, as she and Silvia Abervanel are the two daughters of Cedina, Silvio Santos’s first wife, who died in 1977. Her other sisters are daughters of Oris Abervanel, who married the caller a few years later. .

“By choosing my father, and as I got older, I realized that the best thing he had done for me was to go live with my grandmother. [materna] I stayed close to the family I was used to, which is my mother’s family. As for my children, when I got married, it was already so, so they lived with their grandfather much more than they did with their grandfather.”

inside confinement, Thiago sighed about not being close to his grandfather He revealed that he has always been more attached to his father’s family. The revelation caused an uproar on social media, which led to direct attacks on Silvio Santos’ daughters.

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“There are those who describe me as a hypocrite and all this is a terrible name, and they say that I want to belittle my son’s words, or [perguntando] How do I allow my father to be attacked? It is sad to see that people do not understand family relationships. We have a famous family, but things happen like any family,” Cynthia said.

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