September 29, 2023

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Djokovic reiterated that he would not be vaccinated and hoped the US would allow him to play at the US Open.

Djokovic reiterated that he would not be vaccinated and hoped the US would allow him to play at the US Open.

Novak Djokovic said he was relieved after his Wimbledon victory and recalled the tough times he had earlier in the year over the Australia issue, which saw him banned from playing at the Australian Open and even arrested.

“This year is not like the previous years. It started affecting me a lot. The first few months of the year were very difficult for me. I was not healthy. My mental and emotional part was not. In a good place, I wanted to play, but at the same time, when I came to the court in Dubai , I felt a lot of pressure, I didn’t feel good on the track. I felt it at that time. It’s difficult, but sooner or later my best will return to tennis. Historically, Wimbledon has always reached an important stage in my life and career. In 2018 I had elbow problems. , Wimbledon was the first Grand Slam I played. It was a boost. Then I won the US Open and the Australian Open 2019. It’s no coincidence that this tournament is very relevant in my life and career. After everything that happened this year, it’s a relief to win. It’s more valuable and more meaningful. And adds more emotion. I don’t feel like I’m in a rush to finish my degree in a couple of years. Think about it. I want to save my body. Audible, because it’s necessary to continue at that level.”

Later in the year, Djokovic said he was on vacation and would not be vaccinated to enter the United States: “I’m on vacation. I don’t know if I’m going to play a match soon or not. No. A very tough and very tiring match. I’ll wait for any good news from America because I want to go there. I want to play some tournaments before the US Open. If not, I’ll see what the schedule looks like. Honestly, I doubt you’ll be looking for tournaments. As I understand from my friends, winning a Grand Slam qualifies you for the ATP Finals, and you Unless I’m out of the top 20, which I won’t do. I don’t know. With the points accumulated so far, I think I’ll be in the top 20. I’m under no pressure or have a specific schedule. No need to play. I have achieved the most number of weeks in the world. I worked really hard and it was really hard for them to deal with, and Coran and I had to talk and plan and jar the schedule. Let’s see what news comes out of the US in the coming weeks. I can play Laver Cup, Davis Cup too, let’s see.

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“I’m not vaccinated and don’t intend to be. The only good news I have is that they’ve removed the protocol that only people who have been vaccinated or have certain exemptions can enter the country. I don’t know. It’s possible.”