May 25, 2024

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Do you have any marks in your eye?  Find out what it could be

Do you have any marks in your eye? Find out what it could be

Our body is always looking for a way to show that something is wrong inside. In this perspective, diseases Since diabetes can be diagnosed by small signs in the body, one of them can be, for example, a mark in the eye.

Our eyes It can reveal much more than can be seen. It can be a key point to analyze the presence of diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and others. Follow the text and see what your eyes may reveal.

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Eye analysis to diagnose possible diseases

Plato said in his dialogues that the eyes are like windows to the soul. In this context, physician Chris Steele, in an interview with The Morning Itv, explained that the eyes can also be described as the “windows of an organism,” where our body can appear signals through them.

A change in your eyes, for example, can reveal whether you have high cholesterol. This condition is serious, as after all, the signal of high cholesterol can mean a number of other diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and clogged veins.

One way to tell if you have high cholesterol in your eyes is to look for a gray, blue or white semicircle around the cornea. This condition is expressed by a white ring of fat that forms under the cornea. If your eyes show something similar, find a doctor to run tests.

The importance of these signs

The marks in the eyes become stronger with age and, according to doctors, are more noticeable in men. However, these signs, by themselves, are not a definitive diagnosis.

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If you present the sign, then there is no need to despair or worry about other possible diseases. The first step is to seek help from a qualified professional and take the tests..

After all, in some cases cholesterol levels can be hereditary. The cholesterol secreted by the liver has some benefits for the body. Therefore, controlling the so-called “bad cholesterol” is of paramount importance at different stages of life, as it can be responsible for triggering other diseases.