October 2, 2023

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The association says Covid-19 cases are growing by 94% in private hospitals

The association says Covid-19 cases are growing by 94% in private hospitals

Confirmed cases of coronavirus have grown by 94% in private hospitals across the country in the past two weeks. According to the National Association of Private Hospitals (Anahp), the average occupancy rate for beds during this period was 84%. In April, this figure was no more than 77.5%.

We are entering a week full of more anxiety compared to the others. The Executive Director of the Ministry said that the growth of calls in emergency care has been very expressive in hospitals, which is reflected in the increase in the number of hospitalization cases and makes institutions need again to expand the allocation of beds for the Covid-19 virus. “Health, Anahab, Antonio Brito.

According to the association, of the emergency room visits related to the disease, 4.52% required hospitalization and about 1.2% required referral to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Anahp also reported that 5.5% of health professionals in private hospitals were recently removed due to a positive covid-19 diagnosis. Indeed, the incidence of influenza syndrome increased by 32%.

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Vucruz) has warned of an increase in severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) cases in Brazil.

to me InfoGripe Bulletin, which was released yesterday (9), the number of cases increased by 39.5% between the first and last week of last May. In the last week of April, coronavirus caused 41.2% of acute respiratory syndromes with positive testing for some viruses. In the last week of May, the percentage was 69%.