June 19, 2024

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Do you use a Petrobras CNG truck? Understand the picture that became a meme

A photo went viral this week on the internet after a Petrobras truck with CNG cylinders appeared on a street in Brazil. The photo became a meme among users of social networks, who mocked the situation.

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Photo: Vibra | disclosure

The reason for the meme was the claim that diesel oil is so expensive that the Petrobras truck runs on natural gas for vehicles. The fact is that the car turned into gas, according to a statement issued by the company to the Brazilian press.

Petrobras gas truck aroused curiosity

According to an article on the Uol news portal, the truck belongs to service provider Petrobras. It is Vibra and the model from the Scania brand, a manufacturer that also produces trucks powered exclusively by compressed natural gas.

According to the data, the truck operates in a hybrid way, mixing gas propulsion with conventional diesel fuel. This makes the car emit 20% less carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere and up to 35% less nitrogen oxide (NOx).

“Once again, Vibra guarantees the safety and quality of the services and products offered throughout the national territory, along with a strategy to reduce carbon emissions. The company is increasingly investing in innovation to further develop its product portfolio, always striving to provide better benefits to consumers, and this also includes the implementation of our operations in a more efficient and sustainable way,” said a Vibra representative at Uol.

The reason would be concern for the environment

In this way, the company says that a Petrobras truck that uses CNG will be used to reduce emissions of gases harmful to the environment. This type of initiative is a standard concern that affects the entire world, especially in companies focused on energy production.

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