October 4, 2023

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New strategy to get rid of telemarketing calls;  Learn it!

New strategy to get rid of telemarketing calls; Learn it!

fucking Telemarketing It has certainly caused a lot of confusion and complaints in the lives of Brazilians. Everyone was looking for some way to block the number, but someone always called back. From companies that offered products to inappropriate fees, no one got rid of centers willing to offer something.

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Not so long ago, it was not possible to differentiate whether the call was coming from this type of service. Therefore, many attended as it might be a business opportunity or a friend. The change, placing 011 before, made it difficult to determine who needs to receive calls from São Paulo, with the similar code still being used in cell phones.

Check out some tips to get rid of telemarketing calls for good

The change suggested by Anatel (Agência Nacional de Telefonia) added 0303 before all telemarketing calls. June 08, fixed numbers became part of this rule. So, this is the best way to get to know your smartphone and then block it, unless the frequency of calls increases. If you are very persistent, you can register your dissatisfaction on some official websites.

When there is a certain “persecution” and your mobile phone is ringing all the time, there are two channels to permanently block the contact and keep making public complaints. are the resources ”do not call me”where you put the number that called you and ”do not bother me”where the responsible bodies will assess whether the person responsible for the call has violated any behaviour.

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