June 23, 2024

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Doctors remove 800 grams of baby's stomach hair in India - Marie Claire Magazine

Doctors remove 800 grams of baby’s stomach hair in India – Marie Claire Magazine

Doctors remove 800 grams of hair from the baby’s stomach (Image: Getty Images)

Doctor Ahmedabad Civil Hospital Located in Gujarat, India, I was surprised to have a surgery on a 9-year-old boy. Is that during the operation 800 grams of hair was found in his stomach Nancy Yadav.

to me India todayThe girl had been complaining of pain for a year, however, no doctor was able to make a correct diagnosis. your father, Suryakant YadavShe accompanied the girl in the epic through several hospitals.

Even after going through Ahmedabad Civil Hospital Doctors conducted a series of tests and informed the girl’s family that there was a tumor in her stomach. But after a more accurate operation, the diagnosis changed and she was referred to surgery.

The doctor in charge of the surgery, Jaishri Ramji, Nancy was diagnosed with Rapunzel Syndrome, which is characterized by an irresistible desire to pull out and swallow her hair. “A lot of girls usually eat hair. It’s called Trichobezoar. After the operation on the girl we found a tuft of wire in her stomach.”

After the successful surgery, the girl was doing well and was referred for treatment. “We also gave psychological counseling so that she does not eat her hair again in the future. The girl is safe now.”

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