June 20, 2024

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Does eating carbohydrates make you fat?  What do nutrition experts say?

Does eating carbohydrates make you fat? What do nutrition experts say?

When you want to lose weight, the first measure you think of is how to reduce its consumption as much as possible Carbohydrate-rich foods, is not it? But does removing food completely from the diet really decrease it? Let’s find out what is true and what is the myth.

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To lose weight, you need to expend more energy and reduce the amount of calories consumed. However, there is no point in simply reducing or restricting food intake, it is essential to learn how to make smarter choices during the process. That’s because nutritional amounts are more important than calorie amounts in foods.

Having a well-nourished body helps you lose weight, increase muscle mass, or strengthen your immune system.

According to nutritionist Adriana Zanardo, there are myths and facts about carbs, so let’s find out what they are!

Carbs Make You Fat: What’s Right and What’s a Myth?

this is not true. Carbohydrates are excellent sources of energy, which the body needs to be able to perform its activities. The fact that you gain weight is related to the amounts you eat. If you are physically active and consume few carbohydrates, the chances of accumulating fat are very small.

For a nutritionist, a lack of carbohydrate foods can lead to metabolic disorders. Therefore, it should always be eaten in moderation.

Is milk fattening and harmful to you?

It will depend on the type of milk, for example, brands sold in the supermarket are harmful due to high concentrations of artificial substances formulated to preserve preservation for a longer period. Milk contains proteins that contribute to the development of food allergies, but not everyone develops them, some organisms react well to these proteins.

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Are there foods that cause weight loss?

According to a nutritionist, no single food has the ability to stimulate weight loss. What happens to burn fat is to eat less portions in a continuous manner. It is worth noting that only with a low calorie index and life with healthy habits that stimulate weight loss and long-term weight maintenance.

What is the ideal dish for someone looking to lose weight?

For a dietitian, having a varied menu consisting of foods from protein sources, grains, vegetables and legumes is what she considers a good meal. Regarding the proportions of each type of food, it will depend on the goals and peculiarities of each individual.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, the recommended thing is to seek out a nutritionist and do a personal follow-up according to your nutritional needs.