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The government will pay food aid to health servers this Thursday

The government will pay food aid to health servers this Thursday

Last update on 04/13/2022 18:52

Acre government, in compliance with the agreement signed with the state civil service, announces the payment of food aid to health servers. The accrual will be included in a supplementary sheet, retroactive to March.

Aid was approved in the State Legislative Assembly (Aleac) on April 1, for all state servers. The amount in circulation, for healthy servers only, will exceed R$ 3.2 million and include 6,404 servers.

The government team, after months of analyzes, and in compliance with the limits permitted by government oversight bodies and its awareness of the needs of public servants, reached an agreement to pay a meal allowance in the amount of R$420.00 to all those earning more than R$4,000 and to R$500.00 for those whose wages are less than this amount . Everything was planned so as not to jeopardize the timely payment of state employees’ salaries.

Food allowance for other categories will be paid as follows: Ministry of Education employees, in addition to paying April payroll, will receive retroactive payments for the months from January to March 2022. General allowance for all jobs and other cadaver wages will be paid in the April newspaper retroactively referring to the month March.

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