September 27, 2022

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Dolby Vision for video games arrives on Xbox Series X and S •

Dolby Vision for video games arrives on Xbox Series X and S •

Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles are already compatible with Dolby Vision video game technology.

Microsoft said in a joint message on the site Xbox Wire.

One prime example is Halo Infinite, but there is already a long list of tech-compatible games that will have better picture quality with Dolby Vision. Microsoft informs you that you still need to activate features like ALLM or VRR on your TV.

If your TV has not received a Dolby Vision update yet, you may encounter latency issues while gaming and it is recommended that you consult the manufacturer to see if they will offer an update.

If you have a Dolby Vision compatible display and you enable the technology on the console, it automatically optimizes your games to deliver a “richer, immersive experience unmatched on any other console.”

You can check if your monitor is compatible by pressing the Xbox button on the remote control, opening the manual, and accessing settings, general, TV, screen options, and 4K TV details. To activate it, you can access the same menu, but choose Video and Dolby Vision modes for games.

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