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Dr. Jairo Breast Cancer: Can Men Also Get It?

Dr. Jairo Breast Cancer: Can Men Also Get It?

In Pink October, Awareness Month breast cancerMuch is said about the disease, with an emphasis on women. But a common myth is the idea that only they can develop the disease. Men have nipples and glands and therefore can also have tumors in this area, although it is more common in women.


Breast cancer myths and facts

See below the answer to some of the questions that arise from the misinformation about the disease that is usually spread around it:

1. Breast cancer only appears in those who have a family disease case?

myth When someone has a close relative, such as a mother or a sister, who has the disease, they must have it Continue Closer to the gynecologist early. But even those without a history of breast cancer in their family should be aware of this. This is the type of cancer that causes the highest number of deaths among women in the country.

2. Deodorant Cause Breast Cancer?

myth – According to Internet rumors, aluminum salts are present in some deodorants It would cause cancer, but Boyer says that’s not true. There is no scientific evidence for this relationship.

3. Could breast cancer be caused by trauma or stroke?

myth – No, it has nothing to do with him.

4. Does wearing a tight bra cause cancer?

myth – No, there is no relationship between bra distress and risk of disease.

5. Are women who go through a lot of grief more likely to develop breast cancer?

myth – No. Including the idea of ​​blaming someone’s feelings or experiences for appearing cancer Breast cancer is harmful to women.

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6. Does monthly self-examination replace mammography?

myth – No. self exam Each month is important, because contact with the body is useful so that a woman can identify any changes as quickly as possible. But this in no way replaces mammography, which is indicated from age 40 onwards for those without family illnesses, and from age 25 onwards for women who have relatives with breast cancer.

7. Is breast cancer curable?

fact The sooner the diagnosis, the higher the chances. That is why it is so important to have a gynecological follow-up and mammography.

8. Does breastfeeding protect women from breast cancer?

fact Especially if this happened before the age of thirty and for a long time. Pregnancy multiple times throughout your life is also a protective factor, both during pregnancy and Breastfeeding Women have fewer menstrual cycles and are therefore less susceptible to cyclical hormonal fluctuations.

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