May 19, 2024

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DF changes the third dose rule in the elderly and health professionals

DF changes the third dose rule in the elderly and health professionals

The Department of Health of the Federal District has resumed the initial rule for the application of a booster dose of vaccines COVID-19 In the elderly and health workers, in contrast to what was happening until then, when specific dates were set, it is now sufficient to take D2 six months earlier and the person will be able to receive the so-called third dose.

As Health Surveillance Agent Divino Valero explained, the idea is to advance in vaccination. “There are people who want to take a booster dose and others who really can, but they don’t. In this way, we will exert that flexibility,” he commented.

According to him, the audience capable of taking a D3 is about 83,000 individuals and the department’s inventory is about 69,000. However, this should not be a hindrance. We expect to receive new doses from next week. So what we want is to stimulate people’s demand.”

The change contradicts the guidance taken this week

according to Circular No. 85 of the Department of Health of the Federal District (SES-DF)Released on Monday (25/10), the booster doses will be applied to elderly people who have completed the vaccination until April 21. Thus, people over 60 years of age who completed the vaccination schedule after that date were unable to take D3 until a new update from the Department of Health. The change came last Friday afternoon (22/10) after the distribution of 64,350 doses of Pfizer, which arrived the same morning.

Since the start of DF booster application, in early October, the recommendation has been that older adults who have had a full six-month course of immunization can take it. However, the new evidence does not specify a date.


The change this week caused confusion in health publications. Professionals who served the population were not able to report the reason for the change in methodology in the vaccination schedule for the elderly.