October 2, 2023

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Drone reveals coastlines in the sea next to dozens of tiger sharks

Drone reveals coastlines in the sea next to dozens of tiger sharks

Marine biologist Andrew Nosal, professor of environmental and ocean sciences at the University of San Diego (USA), recorded by his drone swimmers swimming alongside dozens of tiger sharks on a beach in La Jolla, located in San Diego, California ( United States of America) ).

Although it looks frightening to many, it can reach 1.5 meters in length, and it is clear that these animals are harmless to humans, so they were spotted quietly swimming alongside swimmers in San Diego. “[Esses tubarões] The majority are 97% of mature pregnant females. We think they incubate their fetuses in exceptionally calm and warm waters,” explains Nosal UOL.

The specialist has been studying these animals specifically since 2007 and reported that they are common on the San Diego coast between August and September, and can also be found in the summer and fall months (June to December).

The sharks were recorded during a daily survey conducted by a drone, last Thursday (12) and quickly drew attention, as the animals were very close to the sand on the beach, close to “knee height”. Our acoustic tracking research shows, these sharks display an annual weave, which means ‘home lover’: they return to this location every year.”

At night, he says, the animals disperse in search of food, on a diet based on small fish commonly used as bait, squid, octopus, crabs, and even lobsters.

Today, they represent the economic potential of San Diego and the California coast. He concludes, “These delicate sharks fuel a thriving local ecotourism industry that offers snorkeling and kayaking trips to see them.”

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