September 22, 2023

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Duke hopes the Colombia-US alliance will last beyond political change – internationally

Colombian President Ivn Duque celebrated the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between his country and the United States on Thursday (2) and said he hoped the alliance would be maintained despite any political changes.

“We are allies because we have common policies and objectives, because we share democracy, and we share security and order as democratic values,” Duke told reporters during a visit to Washington.

“So we should always be confident that this relationship will be at that level,” he added.

The Colombian president has stressed that the bilateral relationship, which marks two centuries this month, has been “bilateral” for the past 20 years because it is free regardless of whether it is in the hands of the White House or Congress Democrats or Republicans.

We hope this line will continue, he said.

Duke, who is in Washington to celebrate the bicentennial of US-Colombia relations, was asked about the future of the coalition after the change in the first round of the presidential election in his country on March 29, which was won by two opposition candidates. In May.

Former guerrilla Gustavo Pedro and businessman Rodolfo Hernds will face each other in the second round on June 19, without the traditional Conservative and Liberal parties in the controversy.

Duke, the political god of former right-wing President Lvaro Euribe, will step down on August 7 after four years in power, as running in the by-elections is prohibited by law.

“Relations between Colombia and the United States are at an all-time high,” the Duke administration said in a statement on Thursday, stressing that the Colombian president was welcomed by his U.S. envoy, Joe Biden, at the White House last March.

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Biden later declared Colombia an additional NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) strategic ally of the United States, which benefits him financially, security and cooperation.