June 23, 2024

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Imagem de: EA vira meme na internet após publicar mensagem duvidosa no Twitter

EA became an online meme after a questionable message was posted on Twitter

The electronic arts become a meme After posting a somewhat questionable message on Twitter last night (30).

On the social network, the publisher made a post not only Underestimating single player games, but also players who prefer a single player experience. The reception of the message was not the best, of course.

“It’s 10, but only loves single-player games,” EA wrote on its official Twitter profile.

clearly, Network users did not leave it cheap The publisher of the game was criticized a lot – and several notable profiles of the player scene took the opportunity to issue the deed. It’s 10 but blamed the launch of Battlefield 2042 on Halo Infinite, wrote Tom Henderson, a famous journalist and game industry official.

Annapurna Interactive’s profile also responded to the post, saying, “They should have left [essa mensagem] in drafts.

YouTuber and voice actor Yong Yea have given him a good boost Sarcastically, he called Electronic Arts a “first-class expert” While attaching several copies of games from the poorly rated publisher in the Metacritic review aggregator.

But Biggest hit Perhaps it was he who received the message sent by Zach Mombach, a former employee of Electronic Arts and Visceral Games. “This is the company that I closed my studio And they fired about 100 big developers because they were. Single player game production”, the developer noted on the social network.

Furthermore, on a scale from zero to ten, the Most EA games are 6 or 7“Continue to the developer.” And it’s not because the developers are bad, but because EA is forcing them to speed up the release of games,” Mumbach explained. EA’s leadership I don’t know what “10” is. In terms of video games.

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Today (1), at the start of the afternoon, Profile Electronic Arts posted a new message that is cheering its arm, saying: The reviews “were worth” Because liking single player games will make people “grade 11”.

While the post really deserves a negative welcome, it is important to note that Electronic Arts is still willing to do so Make room for the experiences of the player. After all, the publisher has titles like Dragon Age: Dred WolfAnd the Star Wars Jedi: Survivornew mass effect And a new version of dead space in production.

The biggest “but” is the fact that the publisher itself positions itself in favor of microtransactions and Prioritize games as services At the expense of individual player experiences. Will you finally drown?