June 22, 2024

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Eight clubs sign the creation of the "Libra" league, but disagreements remain;  Atletico-PR criticizes: 'Mi Flamengo and Corinthians play alone'

Eight clubs sign the creation of the “Libra” league, but disagreements remain; Atletico-PR criticizes: ‘Mi Flamengo and Corinthians play alone’

On Tuesday, at a meeting in Sao Paulo, eight Brazilian clubs signed the document that begins the creation of a team runningin order to organize a dispute Brazilian Championshipthe name of the thing pound.

National elite deputies, Bragantino, Corinthians, Flamengo, Palmeiras, Santos And Sao Paulo signed the agreement with Kodagas Sports Capital. difference Siri B, Cruise And black bridge Also join the partnership.

According to President Santos, Andres Rueda, a new meeting was scheduled for next week, on the 12th, and it will be attended by 40 teams who make up the first and second divisions of the Brazilian championship. The meeting will be held at the headquarters cuffin Rio de Janeiro.

“The league was created. Everyone who was willing to sign today signed. The manager said there are clubs that are dependent on the council’s approval and those clubs will sign on the 12th.

“All the 40 clubs are in favor of creating the league. Now it’s just a matter of fixing the edges and on the twelfth day, for sure, it will be a great party at the Brazilian Football Confederation”, he added.

Palmeiras head, Laila Pereira He also confirmed the signing of the document and stated that some pitfalls revolve around the “details”.

I came convinced to sign this document. I wanted to be the first to sign, because it is the solution and the beginning of the rebuilding of Brazilian football. I am very happy, there were eight clubs signed, but I am sure the 40 clubs will come,” Laila stated.

They are details, and more than just details, they are void. “I have not seen any of our colleagues against the establishment of the league,” he added.

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The meeting was attended by 18 Serie A clubs, with FC Youth it’s the cuiaba The only exceptions. Among the second-tier clubs only Cruz, Guarani, Ponte Preta, Sport And Vasco We were there.

Although representatives of Peixe and Verdão, President Mario Celso Petragliaof Atletico – PR, revealed some differences between the bloc of four top players from Paulista and Flamengo, and the group of “emerging” clubs, titled strong football. According to him, the main issue that will be discussed is the division of quotas in connection with the television contract.

“I don’t think the league was created. The intention was to have a conversation between clubs to adapt. They came with laws ready, they signed them, and whoever wanted to sign feels free to do so. I didn’t even study the statutes,” Petraglia said.

“For them it was created, but there is no league with six clubs. We asked the clubs not to sign anything today. We asked to discuss it and sign it at the Brazilian Football Confederation next week. Athletico-PR will listen to your advice and if it is in line with our principles, we will sign.” “What we want to discuss is that it would be better and fairer. That doesn’t mean that Flamengo are worth 70 times Athletico-PR on pay-per-view. In the same competition. Let them play alone, Flamengo against Corinthians. They need the other eighteen and they want to keep in everything “.