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Top 7 Best Arsenal Goalkeepers of All Time

London Arsenal is in many ways a legendary team. It was founded by the workers of the arms factory from the northern part of the capital of Great Britain. Thirteen times the team became the champion of the country, fourteen times won the National Cup. The history of the club had its ups and downs, but the achievements were still much more.

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The whole world knows its best Arsenal scorers, who at different times graced the attack of the Canons. Just think of Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp. But not everyone remembers that Arsenal also had world-class goalkeepers. In many ways, it was their reliable play that allowed the forwards to attack more often and score goals.

1. John Lukic

Became the first forty-year-old player to play in a Champions League match. He came to Arsenal in the early eighties from Leeds, where he stopped getting into the main squad. There he played until 1990 and then he too stopped playing for the main team, – mainly because of his age. Lukic did not despair and returned to Leeds.

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However, the team at this time from the favorites of the championship has turned almost into an outsider. The goalkeeper’s game was getting worse and worse and he tried to return to the Canaries. But there he was firmly put on the bench. He had to end a career that once started brightly – Lukic even played for the England youth national team.

2. Wojciech Szczęsny

The Polish goalkeeper was seen by Arsenal’s selectors in Legia’s friendlies and was admired for his talent. At the age of sixteen in 2006 he was invited to London and put into the youth team. The youth team brilliantly won the championship of the country for his age, and Wojciech began to be brought up on an adult basis.

But there began a period of failure. In training, the young goalkeeper dropped the bar, got fractures in his arms and he was out of action for a long time. Then he was loaned out, kept for a long time in reserve, and only in the 2010/11 season made him the starting goalkeeper. He played five seasons at a decent level but then started to perform very poorly and couldn’t find inspiration. The London club decided to let him go, and probably for good reason: now the Pole successfully plays for Juventus.

3. George Swindin

This goalkeeper was not tall but managed to pull out the most hopeless top goals. He started playing for Arsenal before World War II and even became the English champion at the time.

However, during the war, he went to serve in the army, where he was an instructor in physical training. Technically he was even considered a participant in hostilities. But even during his service in the army, he managed to play for the Cannoniers in unofficial matches.

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4. Jack Kelsey

Joined the London club in September 1949 and spent his entire professional career there. Played more than three hundred games and entered the Arsenal Hall of Fame. He played for the Welsh national team and for the symbolic team of Britain against the rest of Europe. For his incredible leaping ability he was called a sleepwalker.

Forced to end his career after a serious injury. But for a long time still worked in the management of his native club.

5. Pat Jennings

Played for Arsenal at the turn of the seventies and eighties. Spent 237 games and won the FA Cup. And the national team of Northern Ireland spent 119 games – a national team record. Included in the English Football Hall of Fame.

Once in the match against Manchester, he scored a curious goal, strongly shot from the line of his penalty area. The ball flew over all the field players, hit the opposing goalkeeper, and flew into the net.

6. Jens Lehmann

He joined the Canaries in 2003. He started well but made a few pretty big mistakes during the season. However, Arsenal won the gold medals in the national championship and even made it through the whole tournament without losses – the fans were delighted.

But Lehmann’s stellar seasons were yet to come. In the 2005/06 championship, the club reached the Champions League final for the first time in its history. And in the following season, the London goalkeeper stood 853 minutes without conceding a goal – a record in the Premier League no one has yet broken.

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7. David Seaman

Entered the field in more than a thousand official matches. The person in a constant good mood, often made jokes in front of the crowd while conceding ridiculous goals. Wore a funny ponytail of hair on his head, which he cut off after selling it at a charity auction on live TV. Spent almost his entire career in his native Arsenal. And Simon also spent fourteen years defending the goals of the England team and participated in two European and World Championships.


Each goalkeeper left his mark in the history of not only Arsenal soccer club, but in the history of all soccer. With their strategies, players, and goalkeepers Arsenal FC will go on to conquer the heights and win cups.