May 24, 2024

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O Oumuamua era o único objeto interestelar que fora identificado no Sistema Solar

Eight years later, the US government confirms: an interstellar body crashes to Earth – News

An interstellar object crashed onto Earth on January 8, 2014, in the Pacific Ocean. This historic achievement was once a rumor that scientists investigated, but was confirmed by the Pentagon, the US Army’s high command, in an official memo.

The Space Command report, previously classified, recorded a fireball off the coast of Papua New Guinea. According to the record, the impact will likely scatter other debris in the area.

Impact refers to the first fall of an object from outside the solar system onto the planet. Retrospective, it is also the first object of its kind to pass through our planetary system – Before Oumuamua recorded tooseen in late 2017.

The object was about 0.45 meters long and traveled to the planet at a speed of 210,000 km / h. The hypothesis that the impact was caused by an interstellar object is not new, and has already been investigated by two Harvard researchers – who I published an article About possibility in 2019.

“One thing I will check (…) is if it is possible to survey the ocean floor off the coast of Papua New Guinea and see if we can get any fragments [do objeto]Amir Siraj, a Harvard researcher and one of the study’s authors, said in an interview with Vice.

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Despite his hope, he admits that searching for tiny bits of rocky material on the ocean floor isn’t the easiest task.

The study by Siraj and his adviser Avi Loeb has yet to be scientifically reviewed because the discovery was shrouded in bureaucracy and secrecy at the highest levels of the US Department of Defense.

With a tweet confirming the discovery, the way is open for a review of the duo’s paper.

Avi Loeb, in turn, should go further in the studies of organisms of this type. He’s a UFO researcher at the university and said aliens have visited our solar system in Omuamua. Remember the ad details below!