May 29, 2024

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Elden Ring: Patch Patch 1.02.2 fixes GPU issues and saves on PC and PS5

Elden Ring: Patch Patch 1.02.2 fixes GPU issues and saves on PC and PS5

The game should not have progression issues on PS5 anymore

Until today (02) of the software announced and released a new patch patch for Version 1.02.02 From Elden Ring that brings more fixes in terms of saves in PlayStation 5 and better use video card On the PC, which was Lack of use in some situations Previously, it did not deliver the expected performance.

Despite his great success, Elden Ring reached all platforms with some problems, especially regarding More of frame rate. The first update 1.02.01 actually improved the situation a bit, especially on PC, but we still can’t say that the game is really “polished”.

This new patch 1.02.02 may improve the situation on the PC slightly as expected Optimize GPU Usage, which has not been used properly before, resulting in a low frame rate. Other bugs and issues have also been fixed in the PC version, such as simply the error Make the match close Sometimes during Fight against the fire giant.

This online and group map shows the location of everything in the Elden Ring
Creativity helps locate players who might be a little lost in the game

On PlayStation 5 gamers own Problems with your game progress Especially when leaving the console in sleep mode. The first update actually tried to fix these issues but version 1.02.02 promises to fix the problem by doing Now the game progress is saved even if the user has not closed the game.

– Continues after announcement –

See below for the full 1.02.02 update notes.


  1. Fixes an issue that resulted in the graphics card not being used, resulting in poor performance.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash under some circumstances during the Battle of the Fire Giant.
  3. Other bug fixes.


  1. Changes game progress so that it is saved even when the game is not locked.

Elden Ring is already The largest version in the program’s history So far it has been praised by players and the media, including our team Preliminary analysis here on the adrenaline. If you want to know how the game performs, you can watch the giant live stream we tested for different components in version 1.02.01 of the game below:


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