June 20, 2024

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Elsa’s route through the Dominican Territory

Some 24 houses have been damaged, dozens of trees have collapsed and blocked roads, 118 people have been mobilized, 3 roads have been affected, 7 people have taken refuge and two deaths have been confirmed by the National Institute of Forensic Science (INASIF). South coast of the country.

As it crossed the southern coast of the island, the hurricane lost strength and fell into the type of storm, however, it distributed damage in many provinces.

Some of the most significant effects due to its national significance occurred in Santo Domingo, where, as a result of high waves in the Caribbean Sea, rocks and debris were reported on the Avenita 30 Mayo and Los America highways, obstructing normal traffic on the roads. Authorities in both divisions operated alternative routes and temporarily closed those divisions.

The power sector was also affected by strong winds and rain from tropical storm Elsa. The Dominican Corporation of State Electric Company (CDEE) said 23 rounds had been affected, leaving a total of 171,083 users without power.

About the same users who were affected, Edesur pointed out that they make up about 18.56 per cent of the company’s total customers and “appropriate steps are being taken to restore electricity service”.

Another company that reported the situation was the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewerage (INABA), which has 36 water bodies affected by rain, 30 of which are completely out of service, while the rest are partially working, affecting 364,761 people.

The Ministry of Public Works, Education, Presidential Administration and the National Police have implemented contingency and emergency plans to address this natural phenomenon and contribute to the people.

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At the provincial level, the Civil Defense of Barona, in the province of Bahurugo, collapsed a wall in the rain, claiming the life of a 15-year-old child named Ariel Rubio.

Under similar circumstances, Maria Cristina Tejada, 75, died; Miguel A. in the corner of Jacinto de Castro in the Los Cajulidos Department, Bonaire, Peravia. An event that took place on Billini Street.

A depression and soil settlement occurred in Saman due to the concentration of soil formed by rain on the road section between El Katie municipality. Similarly, the Ministry of Public Works said that the internal landslides of the soil spreading layers caused damage to the asphalt layer in that section.

According to Juan Manuel Montes, director of the Center for Emergency Response (COE), Barona and Pane are among the worst-hit provinces.

In San Jose de Ogoa, the Civil Defense pointed out that a tree collapsed due to strong winds, partially affecting a house. A similar incident occurred in the municipality of Ranchitos, which restricted traffic on Badre Pillini Avenue.

In the provincial province of Juanzo, especially in the district of Juanzo, several trees collapsed, disrupting roads, and a similar situation occurred in La Vega, the municipality of Constance. In the foothills, Hurricane Elsa also damaged agriculture


Despite being downgraded to a hurricane tropical storm, Montes insists people should not ignore themselves.

Motorists moving on the country’s highways and highways should drive with caution as it will rain heavily in most parts of the country. They also warn citizens to avoid crossing rivers, streams and rocks that supply large amounts of water.

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The Emergency Response Center (COE) status report pointed out that many public organizations have taken contingency and emergency measures that could contribute in one way or another to prevent the effects of the storm.

Various Ministries, National Police, Inaba, Dominican Hydroelectric Generators, Dominican Port Authority, IDAC, Intrand, other agencies that have taken action in the aftermath of the hurricane.