September 30, 2023

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The plane with 92 passengers on board crashed and they have already confirmed at least 29 deaths

  • A military plane with 92 passengers on board crashed in the Philippines this Sunday.
  • Authorities have confirmed at least 29 people have been killed so far.
  • The plane carrying the troops crashed while trying to land.

Sad Sunday in the Philippines. Authorities have confirmed that at least 29 people have been killed so far as a military plane with 92 passengers on board crashed while trying to land and rescue efforts are continuing.

The Philippine Air Force C-130 plane carrying troops crashed in the southern province when it tried to land on Sunday morning, citing officials, the Andhra News Agency reported. At least 29 soldiers were killed and at least 50 were rescued from the blaze.

A military plane crashes in the Philippines

According to the AP, Secretary of Defense Delphine Lorenzana pointed out that rescue operations were still ongoing. There were 92 people on board, including three pilots and five crew. The rest are soldiers.

According to officials, the pilots survived with serious injuries and at least four villagers were injured when the plane crashed.

The aircraft was provided by the United States.

The plane crashed

Lockheed’s C – 130 Hercules was one of the former U.S. Air Force aircraft that was awarded military aid to the Philippines last year, AP detailed.

The plane crashed shortly before noon on Sunday in the town of Bangal in the mountain town of Batikul in Zulu province, General Gen. Cyrilito Sopezana, head of the civil service, cited by the news agency.

“This is very unfortunate.”

The plane crashed

“It’s very unfortunate,” Cyrilito Sopezana told reporters. “The plane went on the runway and tried to regain speed, but it failed and crashed,” he explained, giving some details about the crash.

At least 50 people on board the plane were taken to a hospital, while troops there tried to rescue others, military sources quoted the AP as saying.

Players would have jumped out of the plane

The plane crashed

A military statement quoted by the AP as saying: “According to witnesses, several soldiers were seen jumping before the plane hit the ground, which freed them from the explosion caused by the crash.”

The news agency said the central Philippines had seen rain, but it was not clear if it had affected the Zulu region. The airport in Jolo, the main city of Zulu, is located a few kilometers (miles) off a hill, where troops are fighting Abu Sayyaf. Some militants have declared themselves supporters of the Islamic State extremist group. According to the AB and The Sun, the United States and the Philippines view Abu Sayyaf as a terrorist organization because of its bombings, kidnappings and beheadings for money, and despite years of weakening government attacks, it remains a threat.

There were no signs of an attack

There were no signs of an attack as the plane crashed

The newspaper also noted that most of the passengers had recently graduated from basic military training and were being sent to the complex island as part of a joint task force fighting terrorism in the Muslim-majority region.

Military spokesman Colonel Edgard Arevalo said there were no signs of an attack on the plane, but that an investigation into the crash had not been launched and that efforts were focused on rescuing and treating the victims. .

The plane crashes on the airport runway

The British Airways plane crashed

Last month, a British Airways plane crashed into the runway at Heathrow Airport in London, England on the morning of June 18. The nose of a Boeing 787-8 used for cargo is reported to have been smashed to the ground by a landing gear. Daily Mail.

Shocking photos showed a British Airways plane on the runway and an airport emergency crew at the scene. It is not known what happened at the time and the extent of the damage Plane. Watch Video Press Here.

British Airways plane crashes on runway

There were no passengers on board
Photo: Twitter @ MZulqarnainBut1.

The incident took place a few days ago when a passenger plane, which had been converted to air and cargo after taking off from Moscow, was loaded on a morning flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

According to the Daily Mail, a source indicated that some of the flight attendants were on board at the time of the crash. The same source said there was concern that a safety issue could “cause the same type (Boeing 787-8) to be grounded”.

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British Airways said flights were continuing normally

The plane crash could be bad
Photo: Twitter @ MZulqarnainBut1.

Despite the comments, he said British Airways flights were continuing regularly and that the crashed plane was only carrying cargo and therefore no passengers. A company spokesman said: “A cargo plane was damaged when it was stopped at a checkpoint. Since it is a cargo plane, there are no passengers on board. ”

“Safety has always been our priority and we are investigating the matter,” an airline spokesman said, adding that only the front landing gear under the cockpit was said to have been damaged, causing the plane to crash down. Read on for more details This note.