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Ricardo Moraes/Reuters - 8/10/2012

Emile will have to keep health plans he intended to transfer to another company, says ANS – Economy

The National Agency for Complementary Health (ANS) I decided this Monday, 4, that the operator Emil You will have to resume the portfolio of 337,000 individual plans that will be transferred to a fund-led group fjord. The self-regulatory system also decided to suspend any sale of shares in the capital of Personalized Health Assistance (APS), Amil’s health plan operator that has been home to thousands of consumers. The goal was to transfer the business to the group after final approval by the ANS.

According to the ANS statement, the transfer of individual plans to APS was approved at the end of last year because Amil ensured that it would make the necessary contributions to maintain the economic and financial balance of APS. However, the municipality stated that after analyzing the documents, “Agent has already determined the sale of APS stakes, which will make Amil and APS no longer part of the same economic group – thus voiding the guarantee that Amil provided in favor of APS. ”

The companies involved will have a period of ten days to submit the data to the ANS, which is the date on which the Autonomy will make its final decision on the transfer of the wallet.

understand the situation

After months of negotiations and with great difficulty finding interested parties in the business, despite his willingness to make a billionaire investment for this purpose, Amell decided to turn the money-losing portfolio into a recently formed group of three partners: Fiord, which calls itself. An investment company with a 45% stake. and the Seferin & Coelho group that operates hospitals with 45%; and CEO Henning von Koss, former Hapvida, Amil and Medial Saúde, with the remaining 5%.

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Prior to that, Amil had already invested R$2.3 billion in APS in order for the company to stop standing still. However, buyers will be able to access the funds only after approval by the ANS.

In February, the investor group stated that the company is financially viable and able to sustain itself over the long term. At the time, the company included in a note that the transfer would not harm the beneficiaries.

A worker, who sought him out on Monday, said he would show himself “as soon as he is officially notified by the National Security Agency, and has access to the assessment made by the agency.”

Seferin & Coelho Group, Fiord Capital and Henning von Koss spoke in a statement. Read below:

Seferin & Coelho, Fiord Capital, and Henning von Koss, nominees to purchase APS shares, in connection with the paragraph cited in a note published today (4) on the ANS website, which questions the group’s financial ability to ensure economic balance and financial support for PHC states, and the conclusion That the continuity and quality of care are at risk:

  1. Negotiation of the APS share purchase transaction provides, as a mainstay, an investment of over R$2.3 billion in cash available in APS, immediately.
  2. Added to this amount is the potential financial income of this capital and the monthly fees paid by the beneficiaries per month, amounting to R$3 billion annually.
  3. Because we consider this financial structure to be robust and unique to companies of the same size in the sector, and the value from an actuarial point of view goes beyond the need to ensure stability, we will await official communication from the ANS to better understand these needs.”
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