June 23, 2024

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Rodrygo's accident was videotaped.  a look

Rodrygo’s accident was videotaped. a look

TV Globo today released pictures of The accident left ex-businessman BBB and businessman Rodrigo Mossi seriously injured last week. In the video, the car in which he participated reality From Globo, at high speed, in the back of a truck on Marginal Pinheiros, in São Paulo.

splash I contacted CET (Companhia de Engenharia de Trafego), who said the video was not for the company.

Civilian police have already opened an investigation to investigate and clarify the case. This information was confirmed by the Minister of Public Security of the State of São Paulo (SSP).

Also today, 99, a single transfer app, It was reported that he was helping Rodrigo Musa’s familya former participant inBBB 22″, as well as for chauffeur Kaique Faustino Reis.

The company said in a statement issued by the press office, that it “is in contact with family members of the passenger and driver’s partner to provide the necessary support and reception, which includes personal accident insurance provided for all trips on the platform.”

Already according to the latest medical bulletin, issued yesterday, Rodrygo has improved significantly. Diogo Musi, brother of BBB and former businessman, Talk about his hospital board on his Instagram profile.

“His kidney function has improved, he has moved his arm, he has moved his leg, so we are very happy, very emotional. Obviously the injury is still sensitive, and it is still serious, but he has improved a lot, it hasn’t gotten worse,” he said.

the incident

The accident involving the former participant of “BBB 22” occurred around 3 am last Thursday (31), in Marginal Pinheiros, near the Eusébio Matoso Bridge, in São Paulo.

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Rodrygo was returning from the Cicero Pompeo de Toledo, better known as Morumbi, where he watched the first game of the Paulista Championship final. The application car in which the previous BBB crashed into the back of a truck and would have been thrown towards the front of the car.

The car driver, Kaique Faustino Reis, and the truck driver performed alcohol meter, but both were negative. The beating was recorded as a guilty bodily injury and it is up to the former BBB family members to file a criminal complaint to continue investigations.